How to Write a Cover Letter for a Manager


You can present yourself to your potential employees through your resume, but to make your application even better, you ought to write a matching cover letter for a manager position. A properly written cover letter can help you further impress your potential employer especially when you are backed up with your skills as a manager. Support your resume and increase your chances of being hired by following these tips when writing a cover letter for a manager position:

  • Research for cover letter examples which are specifically for managerial positions. This can be your reference when drafting your own letter.
  • Take a good look at the job description and the things that are expected from you as an applicant.Cover Letter for a Manager
  • When drafting your cover letter, have an extra copy of your resume to use as a reference to make sure that what you write about your most salient skills and achievements are consistent with one another.
  • Focus on your managerial skills, leadership skills, and accomplishments as a manager. Sell yourself by mentioning your achievements and not the things you wish to do. Employers would be greatly interested if you can prove that you are the most worthy candidate by telling them directly of your accomplishments and not just about your visions for their company.
  • Apart from writing about your accomplishments as a manager, you should also indicate your personal traits which make you the best choice for this position such as your efficiency, punctuality, levels of motivation, and similar personal traits which will make them realize your potential as a leader.

Things You Should Include in Your Cover Letter for a Manager Position

On the first paragraph, express where you heard about or came across their job posting. Mention how interested you are in this position and that you firmly believe you have the skills to contribute to their company. Next, you ought to let them know more about you and your managerial skills by segueing into your years of experience as a manager. You can enumerate what tasks were assigned to you, how many team members were under your supervision, and how you helped contribute to your previous company’s growth.

Some of the things you can say can be something along the lines of:

  • “I have been able to lead my previous team of 10 individuals to increase the sales of our company by 30% in just two months.”
  • “Included in my tasks was to oversee the distribution of goods from the main warehouse to the different branches of our company.”
  • “I have received awards and promotions because of my dedication and observable productivity which has lead to a better environment even for the people around me.”


Focus on your key achievements and try to quantify them whenever possible to show how much of a difference you can make. Convince your potential employer that you are the top choice for their job vacancy by impressing them with your cover letter! Before ending your letter, mention that you have attached you resume for their perusal, indicate your contact information and your availability for interviews at their time of convenience.

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