How to Write a Court Reporter Resume


You have probably seen what happens inside a courtroom. Whether in real life or in a movie, the intensity in each proceeding is felt in every corner of the room and in every person who is present. Despite all that happens though, you can notice the deep concentration that court reporters display as they record everything that happens in accurate detail, sometimes looking like they have a world of their own. If you look for the close proximity that a court reporter has to the action that goes on in court, then it’s about time you start working on your court reporter resume.

What a Court Reporter Does

Court reporters are always present in every court proceeding, but do you have any idea what they do as they sit there? Basically, a court reporter is responsible for capturing every single thing that happens in every court proceeding. They do this by writing everything in shorthand, using a stenograph, or using computerized systems. They read parts of the transcript back to lawyers and to everybody else in court as needed and transcribe all recordings immediately after each session for documentation purposes. They ensure that every detail documented is as accurate as possible and that the context of everything said in the courtroom remains within context.

What a Court Reporter Needs

What are the skills that an aspiring court reporter needs to qualify for the role? Because a lot of court reporters are being replaced by modern recording equipment, the amount of competition for the remaining court reporter posts is How to Write a Court Reporter Resumegetting higher. This makes it even more important to have the specific skill set needed to do the job efficiently. In creating a court reporter resume, make sure you establish that you have more than excellent listening skills because the rest of your responsibilities will primarily rely on this. You should have keen attention to detail and should be able to spot and immediately correct the smallest of errors. The ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand regardless of what happens around you is also essential, especially if you are going to be assigned to cover high profile cases. You have to be confident and be able to stand by your work no matter what happens. Shorthand skills are a given, and knowledge of legal terms is also necessary.

What a Court Reporter Resume Should Have


Once you have matched your skills and have decided to go for it, prepare your resume with great care. Your resume should be a picture of perfection, as this will be the first proof that you are qualified for the job. Make sure you go over your resume a few times and correct everything that needs to be corrected. Highlight the skills that you have to match the needs of the post. If you have past experiences that strongly apply the same set of skills, highlight these as well even if it covers a different industry altogether. The important thing is showing that you have the capacity to be excellent at the role given no matter what the situation.

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