How to Stay Calm During an Interview


Job interviews will always be something to be nervous about no matter how many times you’ve gone through one. Of course, when nerves get in the way, the chances of you having a great interview will also be less likely. Here are a few tips on how to stay calm during interviews and start having more success in the job market:

  • Prepare your answers. Coming to an interview How to Stay Calm During an Interviewunprepared is definitely one of the biggest reasons
    for you to become nervous. The mere thought that you will be pulling answers from the air will be enough to make even the most seasoned interviewees nervous. Do not set yourself up for failure. Increase your confidence level with the thought that you know exactly how to answer most of the questions that you will be asked. Focus on the common questions asked during interviews, these would definitely cover majority of the interview.
  • Do some research. Knowing who will be interviewing you is a great advantage. Try to find out about your interviewer’s personality and style. You could try finding the interviewer’s online profile or ask other people you know who have been interviewed by the same person. Knowing the interviewer’s approach will give you the advantage of knowing how to phrase your answers according to a style that would appeal to them the most.
  • Master your resume. More often than not, interviewers would base some of their questions on your resume. Be prepared when this happens. Nothing could be more embarrassing and disconcerting than being asked a question about something in your resume and not knowing the answer, considering that you were the one who made it. Make it easier for you to discuss details about your past experiences and other things you included in your resume. Read it a few times and mark some details that you think would be of interest to the interviewer.
  • Practice makes perfect. Look for someone who can rehearse and do a mock interview with you. It may not be the real thing, but saying the answers out loud would be very different from just thinking about your answers in your head. Hearing yourself say some of the answers that you anticipate to give would offer a better perspective of whether it sounds good or not, and would help you find ways to improve on it.
  • Arrive early. Make sure you allot some time to breathe before the interview starts. Getting to the interview at the exact time it starts will only leave you breathless and would most probably leave you entering the room with palms still sweaty. Make sure you have time to take a few deep breaths and relax so that when the interviewer comes out to greet you, you would appear confident and ready to take on the world.


Knowing how to stay calm during interviews would definitely add a bigger percentage of success to any interview you attend. Try to observe the things that rattle you in interviews you attend, so that you can prepare and manage to stay calm during interviews the next time you try.

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