How to Stand Out at Group Interviews


You may be the master of one-on-one interviews but what do you do when you are called in for a group interview? You may think it is pretty much similar to a one-on-one interview and if you go in that interview with that mind set you will be in for a very rude awakening indeed. You see, group interviews require an entirely different skill set and you will need group interview tips if you have never been in one.

Group interviews have pros and cons just like everything else. On the one hand, you can use your expertise to make yourself
stand  out from the others and you may feel somewhat more relaxed with other people to share the limelight with you. The problem with that is that you may blend in with the crowd all too well and fail to make an impression. That is the worst thing that can happen to you and you have to make it a point to stand out but you want to do so by putting yourself in a positive light.

What are the Main Differences? How to Stand Out at Group Interviews

Aside from the fact that there will be other job applicants with you, interviewers will also ask different questions and will be on the lookout for different things as well. One of the best group interview tips is that you need to be able to interact well with others. While traditional interviews will focus on your work history, individual ability, and your accomplishments, group interviews will focus on your ability to work well with others, contribute, and multitask. For you to stand out you have to be comfortable with speaking in front of other people and interacting with them.

Group Interview Tips

Check out some interview tips below since they can help you stand out right off the bat and with very minimal effort at that.

Introduce yourself to as many people as you can – not only is it good form to introduce yourself to the interviewer but it is also a good idea to introduce yourself to other people in the room. This will make you come off as open and polite plus you repeat your name often enough so that the interviewer has higher chances or remembering who you are.

Compete by not being competitive – you want the job and you want to make sure the others do not get it from under your nose. Instead of being all competitive and stealing the limelight, it is a good idea to just show the interviewer what you can do and let the others show what they can do. This way, you show that you are confident in your abilities and can work in a team setting.


Listen – the other interviewees may blurt out answers that are similar to yours but instead of just saying “ditto” when asked the same questions as they are, you can show that you have been listening and that you think on your feet by expounding on their ideas further. Now is the time for you to shine!

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