How to Send a Resume and Cover Letter in an Email


Today, a lot of job applications now happen online. You can get in touch with your potential employers if you know how to send a resume via email. There are times when you are referred to a job position by a friend and in order to get noticed by the higher ups or those in charge of the interviews, you have to get in touch through an email first so that they can schedule an appointment. If this is the case or if you are applying for an online job position, here are the steps on how to send a resume via email.

Which Format Should You Use?

When you apply for a job online, there may be different preferences when it comes to the format of the resume you will be submitting. The most common ones include the “.doc” format and the PDF. You can type your own resume using your laptop or computer and send this raw file as the attachment, or use a software converter to save your file in PDF. There are websites online which allow you to do that and you simply have to upload your file and choose the format your employer requires it to be.How to Send a Resume and Cover Letter in an Email

For the file itself, make sure you use simple and clean-looking fonts to have a professional look on your resume. Make use of bullet points, and have enough space to make your resume easy to read.

How Should You Construct the Email?

Instead of sending your cover letter file as another attachment, you can use the content of your cover letter as the body of your email. Follow these steps when making your email:

  1. Write your subject as “Application for (insert job position) – JOHN SMITH” or “JOHN SMITH – Applicant for (insert job position).
  2. Make sure to enter the correct email addresses for the recipients.
  3. Construct the email by beginning with the salutation saying “Dear Sir/Madam,” “To whom it may concern,” or write the name of the interviewer or person you are applying to if you know their name.
  4. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph and get straight to the point by saying you are applying for this certain position. Mention where you heard of this position as well.
  5. Time to sell yourself in the second paragraph by mentioning your educational background and qualifications. Mention the most important ones and keep this short.
  6. Reiterate how much you want the position and mention all the possible means to contact you for an interview so you can discuss your application further. Do not forget to mention that you have attached in the email a copy of your resume as well for their perusal.
  7. End it with “Sincerely,” and your complete name below.

What Should You Do When Attaching the Files?


Check and double check before sending that you have attached the files! Click on the paperclip icon, document picture, or the option which says “Attach files.” A new window will appear where you will be asked to look for the file and where you saved it in your computer. Select the file and click on “Open,” “Select,” or “Attach” to see it in the email you’re composing. Proofread everything you wrote and you’re now ready to send!

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