How to Professionally Submit Resume


One of the first few things you ought to do when looking for a new job would be to complete the submit resume process. Going through this process in a professional manner can help ensure that your resume got to where it should go, and that you have the chance to get the job you are applying for. Here are some tips to help you submit resume in a professional manner:

  • Make sure your resume is spotless and that it agrees with the job description you are applying for. Avoid having your resume tossed in the trash when the resume reviewer sees irrelevant information on your resume. Also, make sure your contact information and entries have all been proofread and free of errors.
  • Check out the job posting for additional instructions. This may be about how they would prefer you to submit resume to them such as through email, in what format, or if they prefer it through mail. You can also figure out what other supporting documents they would need from you as an applicant.submit resume
  • You ought to check their website as well and see their careers page. They may already be offering a place online where you can submit resume directly to their website and without having to use your own email address. You can upload your resume through their online page if they support this feature. When doing this, edit your resume file so that it has the cover letter on the first page. This cuts the need for you to upload more than one file to the site while being able to present your resume and interest in the job position in a more professional manner through your cover letter.
  • To make certain that your resume will be received, you can send two ways if you prefer; through email and through standard mail. Mailing a hard copy directly to the hiring manager will require the hiring manager to sign the delivery of your resume, and you will know whether or not they received your resume. Another way to send a hard copy to their office would be to fax your documents to them if they indicate a fax number on their website. Of course, if they have otherwise expressed their preference for you to submit resume through email ONLY or through a specific channel ONLY, you have to follow their instructions.
  • The human resources department usually call back to inform you the receipt of your resume and may proceed with a short phone interview or setting of an appointment for a personal interview. If in case, however, you do not receive a call or even an email message acknowledging receipt of your resume, you can follow up after 3-5 business days from when you submitted your resume.


When you are called to acknowledge your resume, refrain from asking other questions, and don’t forget to thank the caller. You should also acknowledge their email in case they email back. They will contact you again if they are interested in your application, so save the questions for the actual interview.
Carefully go through these tips and apply them when submitting your resume so you can land that job you are aiming for.

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