How to Present a Job Gap in Your Resume


So you have just finished writing your resume and if upon closer inspection it looks like you have held down more jobs then you have enjoyed hot dinners, then you are in trouble. You see, this will signal the hiring manager that you are a job hopper and you better believe that they will not want anything to do with you. Aside from having lots of job that lasted mere months, another sure-fire way to send potential employers running for the hills is to have big gaps in your work history. Read any collection of resume writing tips and they will all tell you that this is a big boo-boo and something you quickly need to fix.

Now you may have good reason for having a lot of jobs and you may have good reasons for the gaps in your resume but you How to Present a Job Gap in Your Resumecannot put that on the actual document. Neither can you go to the company and explain the number of jobs and gaps on your resume. The problem there is that they may think you get fired too often or that you lack the conviction and persistence. They might think you are a quitter and not good for long-term employment with them.

Hiring and firing is not only time consuming but it is also very expensive so you see why they might be a bit apprehensive about giving you a job. Needless to say, you really need to work on that resume of yours and present your job hopping and work history gaps in such a way that will not scare off employers. Now whether turning these negative points into positive points is still being debated in the various resume writing tips you will read, but there is hope. Due to the recession, more and more people will have gaps on their resumes so you shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Resume Writing Tips – Disguising the Bad

Divert attention from employment dates. Since you cannot leave out employment dates and not look suspicious, what you can do is turn attention away from employment dates. You may wonder how you can do this and it is very easy – all you need to do is put the dates in such a way that they do not draw attention to the eye. You are also allowed to skip the months and just put down the years. Be warned that some HR reps may request for specific dates.

Put short-term jobs in one group. Yes, you have lots of short term jobs and they make you look bad but with just a bit of tweaking, you can make them work in your favor. All you need to do is group all your short term jobs in one heading and they could all look like one big job and not look as bad.


Omit anything irrelevant on your resume. One way to make your resume look good is to omit any jobs that are not related to the job that you are applying for at the time. That way you can say the gaps are due to the irrelevant jobs.

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