How to Nail a Skype Interview


There was a time when all interviews were conducted face to face. Then the telephones came about and phone interviews became rather popular.  With the advent of the internet and video technology though, people now have the advantage of being interviewed via Skype. If you are a job hunter, you may thank the heavens for the chance to be interviewed via Skype but if you are unprepared for a Skype interview, it might just spell your doom.

For sure, you already know a lot of job interview tips that tell you how to ace one-on-one interviews. You will even find job interview tips that focus on how you can ace phone interviews but if you have not yet researched on how you can ace Skype interviews then you might be in trouble. The lack of knowledge on how to ace Skype interviews is something that you need to rectify.

Job Interview Tips – Slay the Skype Interview

If you are invited for a Skype interview, it goes without saying that you need an account. If you do not have one yet then make one now and make sure your account name is professional. If you have an account but the name is rather strange then make a new one and use a professional sounding Skype ID.How to Nail a Skype Interview

Once that is done, it is time to move on to how you should look. Some people seem to think that just because they do not need to go to the office for an interview it means they can look sloppy and disheveled. Doing this is a massive mistake!

Just because you will be interviewed from the comfort of your bedroom doesn’t mean that you can look sloppy. The best thing you can do is to put on your business attire, fix your hair, and put on some makeup so you look good and professional.  What you can do is fix your hair and face, put on a coat and tie and then wear your pajamas if you feel like a full suit is ridiculous.

Thirty minutes before the scheduled interview, you should make sure that you are in a well-lighted area and that you lock the door so that no one comes in and distracts you. It is also good to check your Internet speed and have back up power and Internet. It might seem like overkill to you but stranger things have happened and you do not want to leave anything to chance. There are so many horror stories of the power going out or the Internet crashing just before a scheduled Skype interview.


Once the call starts, make sure you that you greet the person and look at the screen. This way, it looks like you are paying attention to the person and not at the little box at the corner where you can see your face. That is really rude and it would seem to be vapid of you. When you answer questions, speak loudly and clearly so you can make sure that the interviewer hears everything you say and understands every word.

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