How to Make Dream Weddings Come True by Being a Wedding Planner


Weddings are merry occasions where sweethearts as well as their families are united in a celebration of love. But before these fairytale weddings come to life, wedding planners exert much time and effort to make sure the big day rolls out smoothly.

Being a wedding planner is a fulfilling occupation. Being engrossed with work such as finding the right flowers to match the motif or accompanying the couple to your food tasting appointments can be a fun task. Add to that the wonderful aura come the day of the wedding. If you would like to make dream weddings come true, here are the things you can do:

  • Finish high school – At least finish your high school education with good marks to become a professional wedding planner. Knowing a bit about everything can help you greatly on your way!
  • Further your education – You can become a great wedding planner even without a college degree as long as you have creativity and organization. Although it is not required, furthering your education by taking a course in public relations or hospitality and management courses can help you gain better background about the industry and make you better at your craft. Being backed up by a diploma can also make your clients feel more confident about you and your services.
  • Get certification – You can increase your credibility even more by having a certification from ABC or the Association of Bridal Consultants, or the A.C.P.W.C or Association for Certified Professional Wedding Consultants. You will also gain additional training while you are getting certified as a wedding planner. These organizations are recognized as producers of successful wedding planners!How to Make Dream Weddings Come True by Being a Wedding Planner
  • Build your network of resources – The fun at work begins now! You must build your network of resources such as your florists, caterers, photographers and videographers, lights and sound team—basically, the manpower that will make the wedding come true. You can have a permanent set of good workers or be in touch with several so that you can offer options for your clients depending on whose style as well as the rates they would prefer.
  • Find clients – You cannot plan a wedding without a couple getting married. Initially, you can try having a feel of what it’s like to be a wedding planner by planning the wedding of a friend or family member. You can do this for free or at a discounted rate since it’s your first time and you’re gaining your experience. Once you are confident enough, you can now advertise yourself in wedding magazines, websites, social media, and even in your local bulletin boards or newspapers. When you successfully pull off your planned wedding, that couple can refer you to other lovebirds and your clients will keep on coming.


Follow this guide on how to be a wedding planner and you’ll be on your way to making fairytale weddings come true! In the lucrative field of wedding planning, being backed up by these qualifications can help you stand out as a professional and highly sought after wedding planner!

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