How to Make Commercial Pilot Resumes Standout


Airline pilots are expected to deal with the stress of flying for long hours and sometimes crossing through multiple time zones and experiencing occasional unsafe flying conditions. These professionals carry a big responsibility on their shoulders as they bring passengers to different parts of the world. If you want to become one, follow these tips on how to make your resume standout amongst others.

The Header Section

This is the section of the resume where you write down your name, contact number, and your home and email address. Aviation companies would appreciate it if they can see a nice picture of you in this section. Make sure you are dressed professionally in the picture. Your email address matters to help you land a job and having your full name as an email address will always make it sound professional. It is important that your address and contact numbers are complete and don’t forget to include important details such as zip codes and area codes.

Flight Time Section

Your total flight time should be written down in this section.  Make sure that the column with your hours is aligned to make it neat. You don’t need to list all the flight times you have had. You only need to include the ones that are significant to the company you are applying for.How to Make Commercial Pilot Resumes Standout

License and Ratings Section

Certificate of trainings and ratings you experienced which are relevant to the job you are applying for should be listed in this section. Examples of which are JAA and ATPL. You may include the type ratings issued in your license. Make sure that the requirements needed by the airline are listed in this section.

Employment History Section

List down the previous work you have experienced as a pilot—the most recent experience being the first in the list. Add two to three job responsibilities you have under each job experience. If you are a recent graduate and this is your first airline application, you can write down your last work experience, and internships you had that shows leadership values and skills.

Education Section

Write down your highest educational attainment in this section. Start with the most recent and include the course and major of your degree. List down all the degrees you have achieved and the schools and universities you attended.

Personal Details Section

This is where you provide the information about yourself. Your marital status can be found in this section including your interests and hobbies. Make this section interesting and lively.

References Section


This is an optional section but it is recommended that you include this in your resume. The reference section must be written on a separate page and in here you write down two to three people who personally know you that are related to aviation. It can be an aircraft maintenance manager, air marshal, aircraft mechanic, flight attendant or flight Engineer. Write down their email address and phone numbers in case the airline company would wish to contact them.

Good luck on your job hunting!

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