How to Look Your Best in a Video Interview


There are now a lot of ways on how employers get to know more about their potential employees. One of the newest ways to get hired is through a video interview where you and your employer have a conversation online through an instant messenger application. During a video interview, your potential employer sees you and like a face to face interview, everything you do from how you look and how you speak will be observed. Read the following video interview tips to help you look your best during your interview appearance over the web:

  • Dress as you would when you are called for an actual interview in an office setting. This means wearing a decent top—a button up shirt for men, and a blouse for women. You should be comfortable in what you are wearing and make sure it falls under the “professional” dress code by not being revealing, flashy, or shabby.
  • Wear some makeup or adjust the settings of your web camera. Sometimes you will look pale and you may benefit from adding a touch of warmth to your face by putting some makeup on, especially for the ladies. If your under eye circles are intensified, consider adding How to Look Your Best in a Video Interviewconcealer. Look at how you register on camera beforehand and make the necessary adjustments for the tone of your camera as well as the makeup you are wearing.
  • Pay attention to your background. Situate yourself somewhere comfortable and organized. If you have a study room or office, make sure your background is free of mess or anything that may catch the unwanted attention of your potential employer such extra clutter. Having a plain wall or sitting in front of some curtains in the living room will do.
  • Remember not to have yourself blocking the light source in the room. Blocking the light will make you have an ominous and dark appearance. Being mindful about how you look during your interview is similar to how filmmakers shoot their crisp films. Video interview tips should also remind you of the aesthetic factors when you are finally having your interview.

Impressing Your Potential Employer During Your Video Interview

When you have the above video interview tips covered, here are other matters you should take into consideration when you have your video interview:

  • Check your equipment. Make sure your headset is properly working before your interview. Assuring you are being properly heard at the other end will make the interview flow much smoother.
  • Make sure your computer or laptop won’t power off during the interview. Check your power sources and make sure your battery levels are sufficient. Have your charger within easy reach and be somewhere near a power supply.
  • Be somewhere where you can have stable internet connection or ensure that your connection speed is enough to support a video interview. You ought to try having a video call with a friend first to gauge the strength of your internet connection.


Follow these tips and you will be able to impress your potential employer through your video interview!

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