How to Handle Job Redundancy


Nothing could be harder than losing your job. Especially for those who have families to look out for, it is always daunting to worry about how to provide their needs. What could be even more disheartening is the knowledge that it was not entirely your fault why you lost your job. Job redundancy has become so rampant because of the economic situation everywhere in recent years, affecting people all over the globe. Although job redundancy could throw you out of your path, the important thing is getting back into the game. Here are a few tips that could help you get back on your feet after experiencing job redundancy:

  • Don’t take it personally. Always remember that this is a situation you did not choose to be How to Handle Job Redundancyin. A lot of people fail to move on after a redundancy simply because they feel that they were singled out or are at fault about what happened. Don’t let yourself fall into the same trap. This is not your fault.
  • Know what you are entitled to. Redundancy entitles you to a certain amount from your employer. You are covered by a number of rights under the law and are entitled to a fair exit process. Try to find out more about redundancy and what it entails. This way you are assured that you are being treated fairly and are being given everything that is due to you.
  • Plan your next step. The last thing that you want to do now is get stuck in the situation. Get ahead of everybody else and start planning your next move. Are you planning on staying in the same career path and pursuing it under a different organization? Do you think it’s time for you to switch careers and try your luck at something else? Or are you at the point where you feel like you would be better off being your own boss and starting your own business? No matter what happens, don’t remain stagnant. Start planning and start moving.
  • Seek and give support. There are probably a number of you who are in the same boat. To make things easier for you to recover, reach out and connect with everybody else. Talk to each other and be each other’s support in these hard times. If you feel that somebody else is not handling the job redundancy as well as you are, offer help and share insights. You may have some resources that other people do not have.
  • Update your resume. Now is the best time for you to update your resume. Do not be afraid about starting out in the job market again. Remember, this is not your fault and other employers will understand what happened to you. Get ready for a new phase in your professional life and prepare for bigger challenges that would be coming your way soon.


Job redundancy is never easy, but it is definitely something you can get over. With the right attitude, you may find yourself continuing on your career path in no time.

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