How to Get Your First Community Manager Job


The job of a community manager can never be described as easy or simple. With the amount of tasks that you would need to juggle, handling the position would require a huge degree of commitment. Especially with today’s continuous increase in the hype that surrounds social media, the need for community managers who can deliver actual results are even more in demand like never before.

What Does a Community Manager Do?

Basically, a community manager is the person responsible for every single aspect that surrounds an online community. This online community may represent a brand, company, group of individuals, or an idea. Whatever the community is for and whatever digital channels they use, the community manager is the person in charge of monitoring and coordinating every single thing that happens.

Because of the big weight placed upon a community manager’s shoulders, it is only understandable that a specific set of skills is required to do the job well. Wanting to become a community manager is a great goal, as long as you are prepared for what you will be facing.

Here are a few things a community manager should have to become effective on the job:

  • An Amazing Degree of Commitment When we say commitment, this does not mean that you are only committed to your job during an 8-hour period. Commitment means being ready to stay on top of things 24 How to Get Your First Community Manager Jobhours a day, 7 days a week. Remember that communities continue to operate no matter where you are, regardless of whether you’re asleep or awake. So be ready to be jolted awake at odd times whenever an issue arises, or to stay awake for as long as you can to monitor critical activities.
  • A Great Amount of Organizational Skills – With the number of tasks that you have to juggle, you might need a planner programmed into your brain. Because you are in charge of everything, the need to coordinate with a bunch of different people often becomes your primary task. Most of the time, the people you talk to are in different time zones and are online at different times. You also have to keep track of everybody’s tasks to help you remember which ones have been completed and which ones have to be delivered.
  • Charisma towards People Because you have to face employees, vendors, sponsors, community members, and all other kinds of people involved with the entire process, your people skills has to be exceptional. To deal with different kinds of people as fairly and as amicably possible can get frustrating at times, but hey, it comes with the job.
  • A Thorough Grasp of What You Represent If the community is for a brand or product, you have to be ready to use the product. If the community is for a person or a group of individuals, you have to be ready to support those individuals. If the community is for an idea or concept, you have to be ready to embrace each principle. Basically, you have to embody what your community is about. Everybody from within the community’s team and from the community’s followers will look to you for support and to answer any questions they may have. You have to be ready to support positive feedback, and to justify anything negative thrown at you.
  • A Thirst for Creativity You have to be able to think outside the box to keep things interesting not only for your community’s followers, but for your own staff as well. You have to be able to write your thoughts the most appealing way possible, and would also need the right eye for art to know what would make everything graphically presentable and interesting.
  • A Keen Eye for Detail No matter how small the mistake may be, somebody is bound to notice it and say something about it. This is why you need to have that radar for the smallest of errors. It is understandable that making a mistake is inevitable. However, noticing and correcting the mistake as soon as possible would make all the difference. After all, it is easier to prevent damage from happening, as opposed to controlling the damage that has been done.
  • Ability to Adapt Quickly – Online trends change faster than the speed of light sometimes, that it becomes so hard to catch up. For a community manager however, a bulk of the work is keeping track of any trends that could impact the community overall. The moment anything changes, you have to be ready to jump into it, taking the entire community with you.


The job of a community manager is both challenging and exciting. For as long as you know what your priorities are and what sacrifices you have to make, this could be a career that would pull you into an exciting future.

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