How to Get Comfortable in a Panel Interview


An interview can be really nerve wracking, but imagine having to speak in front of more than one person! A lot of individuals find speaking in front of an audience causes butterflies in their stomach, but there are times when panel interview questions cannot be avoided especially if the company or institution you are applying to has always used the panel interview to get to know their potential employees more.

Kicking the Nervousness Away Before a Panel Interview

Keeping a level head and cool demeanor can project your confidence and self-assurance during a panel interview. Panel interview questions will only catch you off guard when you feel nervous or when you didn’t prepare for your interview day. Here are some tips to feel more relaxed before a panel interview:

  • Get a good night’s sleep and make sure you don’t stress out a few days before the interview. Not getting enough sleep before the interview will naturally put your body in more stress and this will not help when you face the panel.
  • Try a mock interview with at least three friends. Have them throw usual interview questions at you so you will have a feel of what it’s like expecting questions from more than just one person. Practicing your communication skills this way will prepare you for when you face the panel.
  • Smile and be friendly. Having a lighter aura can definitely help make you feel more at ease. Keep in mind that the moment you walk into the room, you are being evaluated, but having a calm and cool façade by giving them warm smiles can help you feel at ease as well.
  • Review your resume. Your resume is basically your very own cheat sheet when it comes to being able to ace your interview. Make sure you know everything you put in your resume! This way when you are asked, you can show them how thorough you are.

What Panel Interview Questions to Expect and How to Behave During the Interview

Expect to be asked to say something about yourself and answer this with a warm and honest yet humble declaration of how you How to Get Comfortable in a Panel Interviewknow yourself. Make eye contact whenever you speak, and avoid cracking jokes as much as possible unless someone from the panel made some light joke and you have a quick-witted answer to it.

You will also be asked about your previous experiences and why you believe you will be an asset to their company. Expect interview questions such as “Why should we hire you?” or “Why are you the best candidate for this job?” When you are asked this, capitalize on the skills and qualifications you have on your resume. By knowing your resume contents, you can breeze through this question and impress them with your thoroughness.


Never talk for more than two minutes straight and be mindful of your body posture. Do not slouch or move your hands excessively. Also avoid touching your hair or face too much, and never cross your arms as this sends a negative vibe. When the interview ends, you must thank them for their time and if you feel comfortable, give them a handshake before exiting the room.

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