How to Get a Job with a Low GPA


A lot of people may agree that your GPA would mean a lot when you start applying for jobs. But how about those who have low GPAs? While most of us may believe that grades don’t really define you as a person, let’s face the fact that some employers might consider them anyway. So how do you get away with it? Here are a few tips.

Mentioning your GPA is not a must. It is not a written rule that you have to mention your GPA during an interview as well as including it on your CV, so if your interviewer doesn’t blatantly ask for it, then there is no need to make mention of it. Discuss what your strengths are, and focus more on how you could be an asset for the company. However, no matter how much you try to avoid talking about this topic, be ready if it unfolds during the conversation.

Talk about the GPA that counts. Let us say that you are one of those students who take their major subjects more seriously than their minor subjects. Turn this into your advantage, and only make mention of your major GPA during interviews. If you also choose to mention your cumulative GPA, it may give your interviewers the impression that you can perform well in areas you are most likely to be interested in.

Consider the GPA that truly matters. Take this as an example: Your freshman year How to Get a Job with a Low GPAmight be terrible because you had a lot of adjusting to do, and only became better come sophomore year. Then when it came to your last two years in college, you were determined to get good grades. Overall, your GPA might not define who you truly are, so calculate your GPA from the last four semesters in college and that’s what you disclose to your interviewers. It is not called cheating; rather, it is called being wise.

Retake, if possible, failed subjects. Some universities allow you to retake subjects that didn’t really appeal to you the first time you took it. If you finally made it the second time, then the second grade will be the one reflected on your GPA. Sure, having to retake a subject consumes a lot of time, money and energy, but if it would help you to increase your GPA, then it is worth the shot. Also, some employers even give their employee more respect once they find out that the person made an effort to retake the subject.


Make yourself worthy of the job. A lot of employers usually make use of the GPA to sort out the good from the bad applicants. If still you don’t meet any standard needed for the position you’re applying to, then you have to make an extra effort to talk to the employer so that they don’t judge you based on your GPA alone. Also, it would be advisable to do some informational interviewing— this way, you get to know people from the line of job you are rooting for and you get to sell yourself personally.

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