How to Follow Up on a Job Application


Waiting for that desired call back for an application you made can really get you nervous. As days pass, the silence of your home or mobile phone may be driving you crazy. If you know you did well on the interview or would just want to have confirmation about that interview you had so you can try applying in other jobs, knowing how to follow up on a job application will be handy. Follow these suggestions on how to follow up on a job application and remain professional while you are doing so:

  • Give them some time. These employers can be very busy sorting through applicants and looking for the best match. If you know you are in a field with a lot of competitors, give your potential employer some time to decide if you are the applicant they need. If you haven’t heard back from them within 10 working days or two weeks from when you were interviewed, you can give them a call and ask for any progress concerning your application. Usually, companies call you back even just to say you didn’t get the job—but if it takes longer than a week and you hear nothing, give it another week to make sure before picking up the phone to call.
  • Decide when to call. You can call them within 5 working days if you don’t hear back from them. If they say How to Follow Up on a Job Application things are still being processed, give it a few more days. If you still haven’t heard from them after another 5 working days, give them another call. Some companies are actually waiting to see who among the candidates will call them for feedback when they don’t call to determine who are actually eager to get the job post. Do not hesitate to call after giving them some time to consider your application.
  • Think about what to say during the phone call. Say you have given them time and are now going to call them for updates. How do you go about it? First, introduce yourself—your complete name and mention that you are one of the applicants for that specific position. Tell the HR manager the name of the person who interviewed you. Politely ask for the status of your application by saying something along the lines of “May I please have an update on the status of my application? I haven’t heard back from your company and would appreciate knowing my application status.”


Remember that when you follow up, you must be polite when you ask for an update—you are still an applicant and showing professional decorum is a must. Do not appear impatient, and mention your eagerness to provide any supplemental documents they may be in need of to help speed up your application process. Should you be met with the sad news that you weren’t hired, you can have that concrete answer as a basis to move on and go for another application where you can have a fresh start!

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