How to Fax Your Resume to Employers


Are you sick and tired of having to mail your resume to employers? This can be very costly as you not only pay for the copies you send but you have to pay for the courier. One way to get out of this bind is to learn faxing as it can really make all the difference and it also happens to be a whole lot cheaper. If you have never faxed anything before, you can read on as you can find a guide that will teach you how to do it.

  • Before you do anything, read your resume again and see if there are any mistakes that need to be rectified. You want to make sure the material you send is free of typos and other Fax Your Resumeerrors that may make it come off as unprofessional. Faxing a resume with errors is a bad move and you are better off not sending that fax in the first place.
  • Have a cover sheet because one that is nicely done can really make your resume stand out and make sure it doesn’t get lost in a sea of papers. Why, even a sole proprietor can receive hundreds of faxes a day and your resume may just get lost in that pile of papers if it doesn’t have a cover letter.
  • Make sure you know who the resume should be addressed to and you have the right number. Sending a fax in general may result in your paper getting mixed into the dead paper file. If you can get hold of the hiring manager’s number, do so.
  • Double check that the number you are sending the fax to is correct because you will not know whether it was sent to the right person or not until you find out that the spot has been filled. Also, do not forget to hit the “send” or “enter” button in the end so you know your resume is indeed sent and on its way.

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