How to Create a Winning Resume for a Paralegal Job


Some of the success that lawyers have could be traced back to having a great paralegal. The demands put upon a paralegal are challenging and could be overwhelming with the result of each task you complete becoming a very critical part of the success or failure of a case. This is why the demand for good paralegals is high, but the chances of getting hired as one could be slim especially if you are not prepared enough for it. To show potential employers that you are capable of meeting and exceeding their expectations, start with a proper resume for a paralegal post.

What Should a Paralegal Have?

To effectively create a resume for a paralegal application, the best approach is to find out what traits and skills you need to have to remain on top of the list. Here are a few things you should prove to have when a hiring manager goes over your resume:How to Create a Winning Resume for a Paralegal Job

  • Resourcefulness – A big part of a paralegal’s job is to do research for cases that lawyers will be working on. Because of this a paralegal should have the ability to pull a rabbit out of a hat sometimes, especially if the case proves to be a very challenging one. Paralegals also conduct different kinds of investigation about details on the case and may need to locate witnesses or validate some information.
  • An Eye for Detail – As a paralegal, you will be asked to draft legal documents and complete a lot of administrative tasks. Especially when legal papers are concerned, there is very little room for error. You should, therefore, have the ability to see every single mistake and make improvements right away. The need for near perfection is something constant in the legal field, and glaring mistakes will not be acceptable.
  • Great Communication Skills – This does not only mean that you are excellent in putting words together. It is even more important to build a connection between you and the person you are communicating with. There will be a lot of instances when you will be asked to participate in a interview with a witness and the lack of communication skills could be a hindrance in getting the information needed.

Things to Highlight

What do you need to highlight when you create your resume for a paralegal job? Now that you know some of the most important traits and skills that a paralegal should have, highlight past experiences that show you possess all these. As much as possible, use each trait as a powerful tool in making each task sound more interesting. For example, instead of merely saying “conducted research for lawyers”, say “showed resourcefulness in gathering information for different research assigned.”


Your resume for a paralegal position should give details about trainings you have completed and certifications you have earned. It would also be a big plus if you format your resume impeccably as this would somehow reflects how you do in filing, documenting and completing administrative tasks, another important role that a paralegal plays. Once you are sure that you have done all these in completing your resume for a paralegal job then your chances of being invited for an interview will just get bigger.

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