How to Create a Winning Multimedia Artist Resume


This is an exciting period for creative minds as more and more opportunities open up for skills that cannot be done by a computer or a machine. Unlike logical functions, creative functions still require the specialized skill of a human being. As more computers replace logical functions that humans used to take care of, the demand for the creative side of things also increase. This is why multimedia artists are in demand now more than ever.

As with any job, your resume plays a big part in getting the job you’ve always wanted. This document may not seem much to you, but in reality, it speaks on your behalf on how valuable you will be as an employee should you be chosen for the position you are applying for.

If you’re hoping to land a job as a multimedia artist, sprucing up your multimedia artist resume should come on top of your list. Here are a few things you have to remember in creating that winning multimedia artist resume:

  • Refrain from using worn out words. The number one requirement for a multimedia artist is creativity. So how do How to Create a Winning Multimedia Artist Resumeyou expect potential employers to believe that you are fit for the job if you submit a plain resume? Keep your resume interesting by playing with your vocabulary a little. Find words on your resume that you think would appear in almost every other resume that hiring managers go through and find more interesting synonyms for it. Instead of saying “ambitious,” try the words “enterprising,” “self-starting,” “purposeful” or “high-reaching.” Replace “goal” with “intention,” “destination,” “target” or “ground zero.”
  • Stay professional. Some artists claim artistic freedom and become informal from their resume alone.But no matter how creative you are, potential employers could always use a talented artist who is easy to work with rather than a talented artist with an attitude. Show the hiring manager that you do not only have a creative mind, but you possess a great attitude towards work as well. Follow resume formats as much as possible and keep your lines formal but interesting.
  • Your resume is still a formal document. Remember that your resume is still a formal document, so refrain from being too crazy or creative. Restrain the urge of using loud fonts and even louder color. You can put some style into your resume, but don’t do anything too overpowering. Keep the format clean and make sure each and every section can be easily read.
  • Highlight your trainings and certifications. You could be the most creative person you know, but the urge to learn more and improve your skill will earn you a ton of brownie points any given time. Go to every possible training opportunity and use this to take your resume a notch higher. Especially if you have gone to quite a lot of trainings and have earned a few certifications, dedicate an entire section on your resume just for all of these. Include everything that has anything to do with visual communication and design, digital media, web engineering and anything similar.


At the end of the day, it’s your resume that would speak for you when you initiate a job application. Always remember that your multimedia artist resume can either close the doors you’ve always wanted to walk into or open up big opportunities for you.

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