How to Create a Resume as an Email Attachment


Applying for jobs is easier for people these days as they can send out resumes without having to pound the pavements. After all, a copy of your resume and a computer is all you need to send apply for vacancies in different companies. If you have not tried this yet, read on below so you can learn how to do it.

Preparing your resume

Open your original resume copy on your computer with the use of MS Word or any other word processor you use. You may find the icons for the word processor on your desk top or you can check under “Programs” which you can find by clicking on the “Start” icon on the bottom left of your monitor.

Saving your fileCreate a Resume as an Email Attachment

Once you have made the necessary changes, click on “File” at the top right of the menu bar and scroll down to “Save As” so you can save it was a Word file or any other type of file. For emails, the Rich Text Format or .PDF works really well. Be sure you save it with a professional-sounding and easy-to-remember name.

Preparing the email

Go online and open your email so you can begin composing a new email message. Once you have types in the address belonging to the recipient, put in the subject and typed in a cover letter, click on “Attachment” or the “Attach File” icon at the bottom tool bar. A dialog box will open so you can click on your file and attach it to your email. Once it is done attaching, click on send and hope for the best.

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