How to Craft an Effective Resume for Federal Government Job Applications


There are a lot of benefits that come with working for the federal government. With comprehensive health insurance programs, generous leave policies and a promise of great retirement, anybody would want to start and grow a career under federal employment. Because of the opportunities that the federal government offers, it is only expected that there would be a lot of competition as well. This is why you have to set a good impression the earliest possible time to qualify you to become one of the top picks for any opening. Start with a winning resume for federal government applications. Here are a few tips you could use in creating an effective resume for federal government jobs:

Relevance is the Key

If you’ve had 10, 20 or 30 different jobs in the past, there is no need to list down every single one of them. Go through your list of experiences and see which ones are most relevant. As much as possible, choose only around four to seven of them. Look at the openings that you are aiming for and see which of the tasks and responsibilities you have had in the past are most aligned with the position you are eyeing.

Keep It ShortHow to Craft an Effective Resume for Federal Government Job Applications

Nobody wants to go through pages and pages of document especially if you only need a small portion of it. No matter how interesting you find your own background to be, put into consideration the fact that the hiring manager going through your resume would have to dig through several others and would probably not have the time to read everything. Use short statements that are direct to the point and leave out any unnecessary information.

Group Projects Together

If you have been doing project-based work over a period of time, group projects you did with the same company together. This would immediately eliminate the problem of which of these projects you would have to include because instead of showing up as several entries, they would all be listed under one single entry instead. This is especially important because the mere fact that a single client went back a few times means that the work that you do is impressive.

Use Bullets

Although using paragraphs to give details is acceptable for private companies, applying for a position in the federal government is different. Always use bullets in enumerating tasks that you were responsible for, or details of any achievements that you choose to discuss. Bullets will make it easier to go through your resume at one glance, making important details stand out and become more prominently displayed.


Basically, creating a resume for federal government jobs does not really differ much from a lot of other resumes you have worked on in the past. The only key to having a successful resume for federal government applications is making it as relevant to the job as possible, tweaking it to become tailor-fit specifically for the opening you are after. Once you know what experiences and achievements you have that are fully aligned with the job you are after, the rest will be easy.

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