How to Build Rapport with Your Interviewer


Do you know what makes a successful interview? It is when the interviewer and the interviewee see eye to eye during an interview and find themselves on the same page. If you have an interview coming up, most job interview tips will tell you to practice how you talk, sit, and even walk but very few of those job interview tips will tell you how to build rapport. That is truly a shame because your chances of nabbing a job are usually increased if you have rapport with your interviewer. However, there are some ways you can build rapport and it is to your credit to know how to do it.

Building rapport is easier when you and the interviewer have an obvious and mutual appreciation for each other due to the kind of meeting you are having though connecting on a personal level is not needed. However, leaving a lasting and positive impression is necessary and you can do this by creating rapport.

Job Interview Tips – How to Build Rapport

Below are some steps you can follow from the beginning until the end of the interview so you make a great lasting impression with the interviewer.

Before It Begins

If you have something in common with your interviewer then it will be easier for you to build rapport so try to research about the company before going to the interview so you can make that subject a common ground for you How to Build Rapport with Your Interviewerand the interviewer. An added benefit to this is that you will come off as someone that is truly interested in the job and the company so the interviewer knows that you are not wasting his time.

Another way to make a great first impression is to dress to impress. Find out what type of dress code the company employs and follow that. If you find that they dress more casually at work, try a more dressed up casual attire so that you do not look sloppy.

Starting the Interview

It has to be said that building rapport right from the start is important but you do not want to come off as overly familiar since that may be perceived as improper by the interviewer. What you can do is start by asking open ended questions since these encourage conversation. You should make sure that you listen and are genuinely interested in what the interviewer has to say so that you come off sincere and not someone that just wants brownie points. Most of the people that come in for an interview will have similar work experience and skill sets and the person who has rapport and stands out is most likely going to get the job.

During the Interview


This is where your body language skills really come into play to support the rapport you have started. Try to subtly mirror your interviewer’s body language to show that you are in synch. You can also repeat the questions he asks to show that you are indeed listening and not thinking of other things when your attention should have been on the interview.

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