How to Answer the Question “Why Should We Hire You?”


Job interview questions can make or break your interview depending on how you answer it. One of the most common job interviews which may truly catch you off guard is “Why should we hire you?” So, how can you answer this properly?

Things to Remember When Answering Job Interview Questions

Before getting into the practical ways to answer this question, remember these general tips:

  • Be humble – When asked questions about yourself and what makes you a good potential employee, you need How to Answer the Question "Why Should We Hire You?"not sound as a know-it-all braggart. Staying humble by having a cool yet friendly demeanor when answering questions will put you as well as your interviewer more at ease.
  • Do not exaggerate – You may think that the “better” you make yourself sound, you’ll get higher chances of getting hired. Not everyone is a top employee, but you have your own achievements which you can capitalize on. Do not exaggerate and overdo your tales of professional achievements.
  • Speak calmly – Do not speak too fast as this makes you look nervous. When asked job interview questions about yourself, take a deep breath before answering and speak your words clearly and in a normal, not-so-fast pace so you can be better understood by your interviewer.

So Why Should You Be Hired?

Here comes the tricky question. There are a lot of candidates applying for the same position, and there is only room for one. How do you respond? Follow these suggestions:

  • Show them that you are an asset to their company by hinting your relevant degree – Mention which degree you finished and state that you have the proper training for the job position.
  • Add personality to your answer by stating your personal work ethics – You know yourself best and this question gives you the time to shine. Tell them that you are passionate about the business and how you are a hard worker who aims to fulfill all the tasks and responsibilities expected of you.
  • Tell them that you are a good team player – If you know the job position you are applying for requires working as a part of a team or as a leader, you can cite how great a team player you are by saying you value other’s opinions and are open to suggestions as well as having the determination to motivate everyone in the team.
  • Say that you are always ready to make efficient use of your skills – Mention how eager you are to put your professional skills to productive and efficient use by becoming one of their employees. Say that you are looking for ways to experience career and professional growth and by doing so, you will also be serving the different purposes the company has for it to grow as well.
  • Prepare your potential answer beforehand – Consider these tips and evaluate yourself—why you are an asset to them. Be concise and keep your answer not longer than two minutes, but make sure you still sound professional and calm.


When you are prepared for this question, you can answer with confidence and assurance when suddenly asked this question during the interview!

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