How to Add Your Personality to Your Resume


Being an applicant, you know how important it is to make a positive mark in the mind of your potential employer or resume reviewer. A lot of resume writing tips often sound as if all you have to do is be stiff and highly professional. While there may be advantages when you follow such tips, you must also remember that there are also hundreds of other applicants who are aiming for the same effect on their resume. This is why you have to stand out and be different!

Making Your Personality Shine Through Your Resume

Most sections of your resume require you to be formal and strict with the words you use. However, some resume writing tips also encourage you to add some personality to your resume. But how exactly do you do this without crossing the line of being too casual?

Here are some ideas on how you can add personality to your resume and where exactly on your resume you can do it:

  • Objective section – Probably the first section which your employer will read, you can add personality to your objective by writing something like “Seeking a position as… to utilize skills in… while maintaining a cheerful mood in the team.” Describing how you can make positive use of your cheerfulness in the workplace is a great way to gain the favor of your potential employer.
  • Personal summary – If having an objective is not your thing for your resume, How to Add Your Personality to Your Resumeyou can consider having a personal summary instead. This is probably the best way to add personality to your resume. You can mention phrases like: a hardworking individual who has a passion for…, eager to use time efficiently while remaining creative and innovative in the workplace, can adjust to adversities and have a positive professional outlook. Tell them about who you are outside of the workplace but make sure to relate your qualities as something you can use to help the company grow.
  • Skills section – Here is another section where you can make your personality shine by making use of phrases such as: highly motivated to work as, values being part of a team while working on difficult projects, can demonstrate grace under pressure while meeting strict deadlines, or is able to remain calm even during difficult stages of project implementation. You can also make use of words such as: thorough, has an eye for detail, strives for perfection, timely, organized, and easy to be with or communicates clearly.
  • Cover letter – When writing a letter, you can still sound professional but you can also achieve having a warmer set of words to use. Imagine what you will say when you are introducing yourself face to face. Word your letter like this: Sir/Madam, I am (insert name here) and my good friend (insert name here) referred me to your company about the job vacancy for the (position name). I was positively delighted at the thought of being able to have a chance to work for your esteemed company and contribute to your growth by… (insert your most salient skills) I will be very much pleased to hear back from you and to discuss my resume further, I am at your disposal through these following channels of communication: (enumerate your contact details) Yours sincerely, (name)


These resume writing tips can give your potential employer a better idea of how you are as a person!

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  1. I really thought that I my resume should sound as professional as possible but after reading this, I realized that it’s just about being professional sounding, I should put some personality. I will follow your tips and hopefully I can create a wonderful resume.

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