How to Act in a Job Interview Despite Your Nerves


No matter how many times you go through an interview, the chances of nerves getting in the way will always be there. Knowing how to act in a job interview despite the nerves will always ensure an impressive interview and will get you closer to your dream job.

Here are a few tips on how to act in a job interview:

  • Look fresh. Nothing can make you look even more nervous than showing up at the interview looking all flustered with dark circles around your eyes. If you know that you have an interview scheduled the next day, take the time out to relax and get plenty of rest. Sleep early and make it a point to get to the interview ahead of time. Once you’re there, freshen up and give yourself time to catch your breath. How to Act in a Job Interview Despite Your NervesThis way, you will look as fresh as possible the moment you step into the room.
  • Don’t go hungry. Some people think that their nervousness would only make their stomach a bit queasy which is why they skip eating altogether. However, showing up at an interview hungry would only make you look even more ill. Make sure you have plenty in your tummy to take you through the interview. But remember to avoid eating too much right before an interview. Give yourself time to digest the food before proceeding to the interview as nothing could be more embarrassing than giving out a loud burp in front of your interviewer.
  • Cool off. A great way to minimize your flushed look is to run your wrists through cold water. Dabbing some of the cold water under your ears will help, too. In these areas, your arteries are very close to the surface and cold water would be just the thing to cool off your blood. This is another reason for you to arrive a bit early before the interview.
  • Focus on your mindset. Instead of concentrating on the things that could go wrong, think about the things that you could do right. A great way to do this is to list down your strengths and qualifications. Although there is also a need for you to be aware of your weaknesses as well, focusing on your strengths a little bit more will help you have a winning mindset the moment you face your interviewer.
  • Prepare well. Do some research about the interviewer ahead of time. The knowledge that you have a pretty good handle on the style that works on your interviewer is a great way for you to ease up a bit and relax. Doing research on the company that you are hoping to join would be great as well, as you could connect your skills and experience with the company and their needs.


Knowing how to act in a job interview is truly one of the best ways to snag the post you’ve been waiting for. It shows how confident you are with your capabilities and proves what a valuable member you could be in the organization you are hoping to be a part of.

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