How Do You Thrive when the Boss Is Never There?


Does it seem like the big boss is never there? Do you find it tricky to track her down? It is close to impossible to schedule meetings with him so you can talk about issues? We know this can be very frustrating in your part but there could be very good reason for your boss’s absence; maybe he just travels a lot to meet the demands of his boss. Indeed, this is something that can frustrate the daylights out of you but do not worry because this is exactly when you can prove to everyone that you are dedicated and valuable at your job.

According to one Michael Kerr who just happens to be an international business speaker and president of Humor at Work says with the rising numbers of people who telecommute, work in virtual offices, and international businesses, more and more workers are finding themselves working without the boss around. This is not something temporary either as the numbers just seems to be on the rise. Upon further How Do You Thrive when the Boss Is Never There?investigation, we found that most experts agree and some even say that with budget cuts, managers are made to do more with less staff so it becomes quite difficult for the boss to spend time with employees so they can get maximum results. However, we believe it is one thing to give the staff latitude and it is entirely another thing to be generally unavailable to them. Employees have a certain freedom to act on their own, but they do not really have the authority to make decisions and this can make for a lot of wasted opportunities and effort.

We believe it depends on the work place, team dynamics and leadership style because all these determine if the absence of the boss will bring about a negative or a positive impact. For one thing, manages who micromanage and always look over the shoulders of their employees can bring about a lot of stress; bosses who are seemingly omnipresent can also limit their employees’ growth and stifle their creative juices.  Besides, there are some studies that show the increase of employee autonomy in the work place allows them more feeling of control of their work and this is quite motivating. It also lowers stress levels in most people. What we’re trying to say here is that it is okay for bosses to be absent because it allows people to feel free and grow so they develop on their own in the work place.


But there is one concession we need to make and it is okay for the boss to be absent but it is important that he makes his presence felt by always informing his employees of his whereabouts and lets them know where and when they can reach him. Employees who never know where to reach their bosses may feel ill-prepared and unsupported and this is when the absence brings about a negative impact as employees begin to feel neglected and lost without their bosses to guide them.

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