Have a Better Resume with these Resume Writing Tips


A resume can make a really big impact when it comes to your chances of being hired for a job you are applying for. A resume can make or break your career since it is your first chance to impress your potential employer. Here are some of the top resume tips to have a more competitive, professional, and thorough resume:

  • Longer isn’t always better – While you may have had a ton of previous job experiences, they may not all be relevant to the position you are applying for now. It is advised to keep your resume to just one page since resume screeners only give you about fifteen seconds when scanning your resume. If you have had more than ten years in the field of service, then having a 2-page resume would be acceptable.Have a Better Resume with these Resume Writing Tips
  • Do not cram information – This is one of the most common pieces of advice mentioned in resume tips. Do not overload your resume with information, especially when they are no longer relevant to what you are applying for. This makes use of space which may otherwise be dedicated to more important personal information.
  • Be relevant – If you had an experience as a sales person but you are now applying for something related to the health industry and food preparation, consider if your previous experience is really connected to the job you are applying for now. Back up your application by placing only the most relevant job-related information about your present application.
  • Update – Not all job positions you are applying for would benefit from exactly the same resume. Update by checking what the job description is and make sure to adjust your resume as you see fit.
  • Use the right keywords – Each job position has a niche, and making use of keywords which will make an impact to the resume screener can help you get employed faster. Use words which are commonly used in the industry and incorporate them to your skills.
  • Pay attention to your layoutResume tips also include layout concerns. Make use of columns to maximize use of space while being organized, and list important information by making use of bullets. Also, have enough margins and spacing in between every line of text. Simple typography would also make your resume look better.
  • Be results-oriented – List down your achievements. Instead of saying what you can do, mention what you have already done. Use action words such as completed, designed, implemented, and the like.
  • Make use of figures – Quantify your achievements. If you increased your company’s sales, indicate how much you were able to increase it. Employers love knowing exactly how much you can possibly contribute, so find ways to quantify what you have accomplished.
  • Mention important people you have worked with – If you worked hand in hand with top company people, mention them. You can possibly even cite them as references. They can back you up when the employer decides they would like to get to know more about you.


Proofread – Before submitting your resume, proofread it and improve whichever can still be fine-tuned. You can also ask another person to read it to avoid oversights which can happen when you proofread your own work.
To make your resume writing much easier, you can also make use of the resume templates available here on the site.

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