Guide to Writing a Resume Cover Letter


Most hiring managers will tell you that sometimes getting and not getting a job boil down to a cover letter and not having one. Companies get tons of resumes from hundreds of applicants a day and if you want your resume to stand out, you will want to submit a cover letter. It may take some time and practice before your cover letter is perfect but if it means getting asked for an interview or your CV landing in the trash, you bet writing a cover letter is an excellent use of your time.


  • First things first, you should type your name, phone number, and address on the right top corner of the paper. After all, this is a lot like a business letter and this is the accepted format. You then type the address of the company on the left-hand corner of the page. Also, add a few lines underneath the company address.
  • You have to address the cover letter to the person who is in charge of the hiring process. If writing a resume cover letteryou do not know the name of said person, you can call the company and just ask them. You do not need to worry that they will refuse your request as the staff very rarely does this. After all, it is better for the manager to see a letter addressed to him rather than a general “hiring manager”.
  • Once you have the format and the names in order, it is time to get to the meat if the matter. In the first paragraph of the page, you have to express your interest in the position they offer. Don’t beat around the bush and do not start by telling the manager your name. Once you sign your name at the bottom, he will know what you are called. Show them how interested you really are by telling them what you know about the company and why you want to work for them.
  • Next, tell them why you are the best person for the job and why they should hire you. Do not talk about what you can get from them but tell them what you have to offer if you are hired. Once you are done, let them know you will be following up in your application and how you plan to do so.

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