Guide to Listing Corporate Presentations on Your Resume


When submitting a resume, it is important to wow the employers with your experience. For instance, if you have given tons of corporate presentations, you will want them to know so they realize you are confident and comfortable with public speaking. But how do you let them know? Below is a guide that will show you exactly how to do it so you can impress all your possible employers and make them want to hire you.

Step 1- If you have done several presentations, choose the most special ones. Choose the ones that are most recent or the ones conducted in the most impressive venues.

Step 2-   Make sure you add the section title to your prepared resume. Should you be listing all the presentations you have conducted, name it “Conference Presentations Conducted” and if you are choosing from a long list of presentations, name it “Selected Conference Presentations Conducted.”presentations on your resume

Step 3-   You must type in the name if the presentation and if you do not know, check the program as it is the same as the name of the conference. It will help if you put the presentation name in parenthesis so you can help them make the distinction.

Step 4- Use italics to type in the name of the conference and use the official title only.  Also, you need to add where the conference so make sure you include the city and the state. It is a great idea to add the complete date of the conference just to make it look really official.

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