General Hotel Manager Statistics You Ought to Know


A career which offers excellent growth is great, but it is even greater when you can have this despite not having a four-year college degree course. Look no further than aspiring for a hotel manager position because, it can offer those opportunities for you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that “lodging managers” as well as hotel managers had more than 50,000 positions back in 2010. By 2020, that number is expected to grow by 8% more. A lot of these managerial opportunities require just a little experience relating to the industry of hospitality.

Pay for hotel general manager positions are not bad as well! Here are some statistics about hotel manager salaries from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

(Figures mentioned hereafter are rounded off to the nearest hundredth)

  1. Hotel general managers’ median salary is at about $51,800.
  2. Average salary range of hotel managers are from $29,300 up to $106,200.general hotel manager statistics you ought to know
  3. As posted on, the average salary range for jobs in the hotel management industry is from $25,000 up to $120,000.
  4. Seventy-five percent of hotel general managers earn less than $74,000.
  5. On the other hand, a good 10% of hotel managers earn a great amount of $110,000.
  6. For female hotel managers, the average salary falls at about $27,400 to $76,500.
  7. For male hotel manager positions, the average salary falls at about $33,700 to $102,700.
  8. Hotel managers who have just started or those who have less than one year of experience have an average salary range of $25,300 to $67,400.
  9. To earn the highest possible rate of hotel manager salary, there are a number of years required. One has to work for the position for 20 years.
  10. For hotels which have 50 up to 199 employees, hotel managers have an average salary range of $35,000 up to $94,700.
  11. Miami, Chicago, and New York are the cities which offer the highest salaries for hotel manager positions.
  12. States which offer the highest range of salaries for hotel managers are California, Florida, and New York.
  13. The degree of an applicant affects the salary. Degrees which often get the highest salaries are: BA Business Management, BA Hospitality Management, and BS Business.
  14. Hotel managers who have already earned 5 up to 9 years of service and experience can earn an annual bonus which is about $4,000.
  15. When a hotel manager has 20 years of experience with the same position or more, the yearly bonus that he or she can expect is at about $9,900.


At there are more than 475 job postings for hotel managerial positions which can help you experience firsthand one or several of the statistics cited above. These posts about vacant positions are also from some of the top names in the country. These job posts can help you find your next possible position which can help you grow as an individual while adding to your personal value in your chosen career in the hospitality and service industry.

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