Does Your Major Matter in Job Hunting? Why?


Finishing your degree is surely an achievement and when it comes to job hunting, having a degree is advantageous. High-paying jobs almost always need professionals who finished a specific degree. But the question you may be asking is “Does my major matter?”

Simply put, the answer to this is no, not really. While the major you had can have an impact on your application, it wouldn’t really have too much of a bearing especially if the job posting did not specifically said they need a specific kind of major for the job you are applying for.

What Really Matters in Applying for a Job?

When you read job application tips, one of the most common advice you will find is that you Does Your Major Matter in Job Hunting? Why?should not waste your time applying for an industry-specific job if you do not have the educational background that the company requires. Job postings are made for a reason, and it is through the job postings that you can see the specifics that employers want from their applicants. If they say they prefer a particular degree for a certain position and another degree for another vacancy, do not make the mistake of applying for the other job when your degree is not the one they require for that position.

Job application tips can tell you to use your major to find more specific positions, but out in the real world, this isn’t exactly achievable all the time because of the competition and  lack of jobs for some degrees. It would be a good idea to choose a job which you studied a number of years for. You can use it to your advantage when applying for a job, especially for one which is specifically cut out for your major.

Think of it this way—so much money went to your college education and you spent time, effort, and resources to finish your education with your selected major. Do not let this go to waste. Use it by finding a job related to it. However, if you cannot exactly use your major, do not fret; doors will still open for you once you land a job in the field you have prepared for when you were still a student.

How to Prepare for Your Application

Concerning your major and degree, it would be great if the job you get will be something that makes use of both. However, according to many hiring managers, there are a lot of applicants who may have the degree, as well as major they need, but lack some other important skills to land the job. Job application tips  for you include:

  • Developing your interpersonal skills – Having a degree isn’t all that matters. Being a pleasant individual to be around will make you a valuable potential asset for the company you want to join.
  • Maintaining your creativity – Bring life to the workplace. Being professional is a very important thing when applying, but exuding creativity and personality is another. During the interview, try your best not to be overly friendly or too stiff. You can also tweak your resume to be a little more eye-catching.
  • Saving salary talk for later – If you know you have the educational background to back you up, this may make you a little too confident that you will get hired and you might talk about salary too early. Refrain from doing this as it may turn off your employer—your attitude still plays a role on how you get the job you want.


Remember that while your education is important, not all employers think the same. Follow these job application tips and you’ll be on your way to getting the job you want to have!

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