Creating a Zookeeper Resume


Being a zookeeper means that you have a very specific set of skills that makes you qualified for the job. A zookeeper is responsible for the welfare of animals making sure that they are always clean and properly fed. This includes keeping the living conditions of the animals in check.
Because experience and knowledge are critical in applying as a zookeeper, make sure your resume is well made. Here is a template you can use in creating a winning zookeeper resume:

Personal Information

Include your name, address, contact numbers and email address. Make sure everything is accurate as this will be the hiring manager’s basis in getting back to you.

Career Objective

Steer away from generic and boring lines. Instead of sticking to the usual “To obtain the position of zookeeper for XYZ”, you can say “To add value to the lives of animals in XYZ by obtaining the challenging position as a zookeeper.”Creating a Zookeeper Resume

Qualification Highlights

In a bulleted form, give an overview of what qualifies you for the job. You can start with the number of years that you have been in the industry, and continue with traits that you think would make you the best candidate for the job. Make sure these traits are specific, such as “Passionate about animal welfare” or “Has the vigilance needed to detect early signs of illness or injury in animals”.

Special Skills

Because handling animals is never easy, you need to cascade the special skills needed in being a zookeeper. Enumerate the specifics of your experience in caring for animals such as animal immobilization or quarantine activities.

Key Accomplishments

This is your time to shine, especially if you’ve had an exceptionally good run in your years of experience. You can cite awards that you received, or feats that you have accomplished. If there are processes or systems that you helped improve or implement, this is also the perfect avenue for it.

Employment History

List down your relevant work experience, starting with the most recent one. Include your job title, the name and location of the company, and the period of time when you worked with them. Add bullets under each entry to list down the tasks and responsibilities you had when you were holding this position.
Here is a good example of an entry under your employment history:


Assistant Zookeeper
XYZ Zoo, Miami, FL
January 2011 to December 2013

  • Maintained the health of a variety of animals by feeding and cleaning them
  • Assisted in moving the animals from one location to another
  • Responsible for picking up supplies and materials needed


Educational Background

State the degree you hold, the institution you attended and its location, the year of completion, and any special awards or certificates you received. If you have multiple entries, start with the most recent one and work your way back.



You can simply say “Available upon request” or you can also choose to place a couple of names and contact numbers. Make sure you include the position or title they currently hold and what organization they are affiliated with. Ask for permission before posting their contact details.

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