Cover Letters – Tips and Tricks

Guidelines in Writing an Effective Cover Letter


The cover letter is an important document that you have to attach with your resume or curriculum vitae in order for you to be successful in getting a job interview and then later on your dream job.
To know more about this document, read on.

Cover Letter: Defined

It is an introduction letter wherein you provide additional information on your work experiences and skills. It is a document to highlight your interest for the job you are applying for. This is also your means to provide detailed information to the prospective employer your qualifications.

Excellent cover letters are what employers looking for. This is their way of screening their applicants. This means, you need to construct a very effective cover letter. This document has two categories:

  • An invited letter or application letter: You would be responding from a known job position.
  • An uninvited letter or prospecting letter: You would be inquiring if there are available positions that will suit your qualifications.

Cover Letter: The Format

Cover letters are one-pager document. It has four parts: header, introduction, body and closing.

  • Header: Use the standard business style in writing a letter. Include your address, the recipient’s information and the date. Do not forget your salutation. It is highly advisable that you get the full name and the position of the recipient of your document.
  • Introduction: You just briefly state the position you are interested with to catch immediately the attention of your reader.cover letters
  • Body: This is the part wherein you amplify and highlight what you have written in your resume or curriculum vitae. However, you should not be repeating what you have written in your resume. Give your reasons why you are interested with the job and what are the benefits of employer if they hire you. The three key points you need to include in the body of your letter are your experience, qualifications and skills.
  • Closing: Sum up your letter. You can also state your next step such as you intend to contact the employer on a specific date. This is a positive way of saying to the employer that you are looking forward to speaking with him. Close your letter by writing “Sincerely” and your signature.

Cover Letter: Tips in Writing

In writing cover letters, you need to diligently attend to all the details you put in the document.


Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind to help you stand out from tons of job seekers.

1) Customize your letter for every job position you are applying for even the employer is not asking you to give one.
2) It must be concise, clear, error-free and grammatically correct.
3) Take note of the details and criteria of the job posting ad. Then list your experience and skills that match with the criteria.
4) Cover letters is not a duplicate of your resume: it must complement.
5) Write simple but clear letter. Go straight to the point. Short and targeted letters are much effective than lengthy letters. Each paragraph must only be three to four sentences.
6) Keep copies of all the cover letters you sent to make sure you know what you have written.
7) If you are going to send your cover letter through email, make sure that it is in the body of the email and not as an attachment unless preferred by the employer.

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