Top 7 Best Careers of 2012 and Prediction for 2013


Choosing a career that suits the intellectual level of a person is of utmost importance because the whole life is dependent on it. With so many options available today, it becomes a mountainous task to select the best one. According to ‘The Wall Street General’ the best careers of 2012 include.

1. Software engineer

Software engineers are scholars in the field of coding and computers. With the advent of internet, smart phones and electronic media, this career has touched skies. The professional is this field is on a high demand and the compensation they receive is in six figures.

2. Actuary

With the world’s economy fluctuating in 2012, actuary as a career was in high demand. An actuary deals with monetary and financial gains and losses. They are gurus of mathematical approximation and estimate the probability of outcomes. Actuaries are highly paid and respected professionals all over the world. It is one of the best careers for a person with deep knowledge in mathematics.

3. Human resource manager- Potential based best careers of 2012

A human resource manager is an integral part of the company. A HR manager is involved in hiring, firing, interviewing and hoisting the events for the organization. Managers are paid well and the job is careers

4. Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienist is not a dentist instead they assist the dentist in cleaning the teeth, develop x-Ray, fill the cavity and educate the patients about dental and oral hygiene. Penning down the resume in a powerful resume template or curriculum vitae template can help become a dental hygienist as this career doesn’t require a professional degree from a college.

5. Audiologist

They are veterans who skilled at measuring the various frequency levels at which a deaf person can hear. They aid is providing the best treatment method for such a person by performing various tests. They are highly paid and in demand professionals.

6. Occupational therapist

Occupational therapist aids people in leading a healthy and an improved life by treating injuries, psychological counseling, mental health problems, etc. As a therapist a person can work in private or public hospitals, NGO’s and universities. They are offered numerous perks and advantages making this profession a hit among youths.

7. Online advertising manager


Marketing and advertising a brand online is a hectic thing. The job of an online advertising manager is to prepare cost estimation for advertising, select the best campaign and communicate with clients to increase the business. The work basically deals with interaction on the social media and requires a large amount of traveling on a daily basis. The growth rate in this career is tremendous.

According to researchers and analysts the best careers for 2013 will remain more or less the same. The fifth position can be acquired by the financial planners who assist people with stock market and retirement related monetary issues. The fifth and the sixth career are predicted to move one step down by 2013. Along with choosing a career a person must also focus on a resume template or curriculum vitae template in order to build a strong resume. A strong resume is a requisite for a growing career.

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