Careers and Career Development

Getting Yourself in a Right Path of Careers


Many of us think that the term “career” is the same with the word “occupation”.
These two terms are similar but not exactly the same. Occupation is just a position in which you work on to earn money. Careers are long process of learning, growing and development in a certain field. Mostly, it is based on individual’s fields of interests.

Developing Careers

The job that we will take must be the job we’ve been dreaming of to work on until we retire. But we must first get to know exactly in which field we must give our dedication. This involves a lot of evaluation including these:

  • Natural Talents – Each one of us has special skills. There are people that are multi-skilled and they can do many things with a good quality. Natural talent refers to the skills that we enjoy doing. This should be one of our grounds for developing a career.
  • Where would you like to work? – Of course this one should also be considered. Some people don’t want to leave the place where they are doing their work. There are some people on the other hand that like to travel and be on various
  • Are you comfortable with the crowd? – If you are, then it’s a good idea to take advantage of it to earn money. If you love being in public, you can enjoy being a speaker, newscaster or any of the careers that involves publicity.

How to choose a career?

After evaluating ourselves, we can now choose which field of careers we will take for our lifetime enjoyment. Of course, it also involves your skills, interests and your personality. If you like, you can also consult a professional to help you decide about your career path.

Career planning

Once you have chosen a certain field or even a specific job. The next thing you should do is to get yourself growing in that field.


  • Don’t stop learning – Careers are lifetime process. Whatever your field is, your knowledge should always be updated. There are always new things to learn so always keep up with your colleagues.
  • Learn more through asking – Besides learning from experience, you will learn a lot more if you ask questions. This is an excellent way to gain more knowledge because not all things that you would want to learn will be included in your training. Your trainer will just teach you the basic knowledge that is required in your job. If you want to learn more, ask them.

Dealing with changes in our careers

Sometimes, it gets to the point that there would be sudden changes in our careers. Some of the reasons are out of your control. Changing career path can be stressful at first but as the days go by, it’ll be a lot easier to handle.
When sudden changing of careers arises, think of it as an opportunity to get yourself to a better path. Don’t let the stress linger on you for a long period of time.

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