Career Opportunities in the Tourism Industry


So you want to start a career in tourism, do you? If that is the case then you deserve a pat on the back because creating a career in the tourism industry means you will have tons of fun, meet a lot of people, and make good money while you are at it. If you play your cards right you are sure to see promotions and raises in the future.

However, before you decide to just jump in and start working for the tourism industry it is a good idea to find out what kind of job you are looking for first. There are so many jobs to choose from that it is very easy to lose your head. You do not want to decide rashly, not when it is something as important as your career. Below are some are opportunities in the tourism industry you may want to consider in the future or now if you are looking for a job.

Jobs on the Tourism Industry

Front desk officer – you know those bright and shiny people that greet you when you arrive and make sure you get your Career Opportunities in the Tourism Industrykeys when you check in? They are front desk officers and while theirs might look like an easy job, it is anything but. If you want to work as a front desk officer you will be on your feet 8 hours a day (or night) and you have to keep smiling and alert the whole time. You will be a front-liner which means you are one of the first people guests will go to if they need something or are upset over certain situations or services.  You can work in a hotel, a resort, or even a cruise ship which means you have plenty of options.  Median pay for hotel front desk officers is $22,000 excluding tips.

Chef – what is a great vacation if there is no good food to be enjoyed? If you are eating in a fancy hotel or cruise ship and the food is just that astounding then you have the chef to thank. If you want to work as a chef do you know that you will have to train to be one and you will have to work your way from the bottom up. This means cooking eggs and chopping greens before you really get your hands dirty with the fancy feasts. Do not worry though; the kitchen is usually vibrant and lots of fun and you will never have a dull moment as you work your way up. For head chefs and cooks, the median pay is at $46,600 per year.


Travel agent – as a travel agent you job will be able to help people plan vacations that fit their needs and their budgets. Usually, the company you work for will have set tours but there are times when you may have to come up with custom tours for clients and that can be really challenging. As a travel agent you earn a commission on top of your salary and there are plenty of travel opportunities as well. Median pay for travel agents is at $31,805 not including commissions.

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