Building Great Careers for Women in the Construction Industry


As support for women empowerment continues to rise, the number of great careers for women has also been increasing steadily. In fact, a lot of industries that were deemed to be unfit for women are now slowly being taken over. Check out the five women who proved that there are great careers for women even in the construction industry.

Anna Stern, Vice President of Tri-North Builders

Tri-North Builders is a construction management company in Fitchburg, WI. Anna admits that the biggest challenge for her when she was just starting out was proving to people around her that she also had a lot to contribute. She acknowledges her upbringing to be the biggest factor in her confidence. Anna believes that keeping quiet out of fear that all the men in the room will ignore you Building Great Careers for Women in the Construction Industrywill not get you anywhere. She advices those who are just starting out to take all the chances to get firsthand experience both in the field and behind the desk.

Mimi Kress, Co-owner of Sandy Spring Builders

Mimi’s dad was a builder and she found the process of building something fun. Although she admits to having confidence issues when she was starting out, she has now gained the knowledge and experience that she needs to stand by the work that she does. Her greatest advice is acceptance of what you do or do not know. She firmly believes that a single person cannot do everything.

Sharon Dillard, CEO of Get A Grip, Inc.

Sharon came from the fashion industry and had a hard time closing deals when she moved to the construction industry. When she decided to look the part and showed up in jeans and boots one day, the rest was history. She does admit that a lot of what makes her successful now is still the same principle she applied in fashion. Her sense of branding pushes the importance of a professional image, which she applies even in the construction industry. She was part of the team who resurfaced the housing at Kirtland Air Force Base, and she feels honored to give back to those who are in the service.

Lynn Gastineau, Owner of Gastineau Log Homes

Although she was already interested in construction when she was still in high school, she knew that it was impossible for her to get a job at a construction site. Because of this, she went into fashion design instead. A lot of her classes were similar to those that were taken by architecture majors, so she felt that she had the knowledge she needed. She admits that an open mind and the willingness to try out new things are necessary to succeed in this field. She also says that there is always a need to grab educational opportunities.

Beverley Kruskol, Owner of MY Pacific Building, Inc.

Beverley has gotten used to having people think that one of her people was the owner simply because they were men. She says that there is no need to be intimidated, but she did emphasize the difference between being aggressive and being assertive, with the latter being the better attitude.


These five women have proven that there are great careers for women out there beyond the usual stereotypes. Take their advice and try to see what else you can do. With a little exploration, leaving that comfort zone might just be the trick that would catapult you to success.

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