Become a Nurse by Writing the Best Cover Letter


Every job means different resume. So, each time you apply for a job, you do a little editing on your resume to match the qualifications. In fact, resumes remain reasonably static during your job hunts unless you have new credentials or skills to add. On the other hand, writing cover letters is the chance you have to customize the process of your application. The cover letter could be the best piece of paper where you can a bit show off your personality and begin with the “sales” strategy.

Applying for a registered nurse position needs a cover letter to do the introduction of what your resume will talk about on the later part of the story. But sometimes, the story ends with just the cover letter because it is poorly written. The best cover letter for a nurse job does not need to be extensive, rather must be concise yet highlights the qualities and skills that can make interviewers decide that you need to talk over that piece of paper or that’s what they call, the job interview.

How to Make the Best Cover Letter for a Nurse

  • Fundamentals of Cover Letters

The fundamentals of cover letters would include the font style and size, the word format, the contact information, the layout, and everything basic about writing one. These are the basics yet they matter most.

  1. Font style – Courier or Times New Roman
  2. Font Size – 12 points
  3. Contact Information – Write at the top, center portion your name (can be 16 points), complete address, phone number/s, and email address. Do not forget to write the same about the company you are applying to.
  4. The Actual Name of the Letter Recipient – If you have none, call and get one from the company.
  • Introduction

To start the best cover letter for a nurse, introduce yourself in the first sentence along with the credentials and relevant experiences you have in the nursing field. The second sentence would instantly tell what position you want to work on. The position should be specific to avoid being hired in the wrong department.cover letter for a nurse

As an example, you can try this:

“My name is Mark Smith and I am a certified nurse with Master’s Degree in surgical nursing. I want to apply for the newly opened operating nurse position at your prestigious institution.”

  • Work Experience and Education

The only way that you can sell yourself through words is through citing your credentials. You have to confidently state how your experiences fit in the position. Indicate also your primary education and keep in mind that your resume will be the one to discuss the entire educational background in depth. The only thing here is to let the interviewer know that you have the required education. You can also include a concise summary of your work experiences related to the field.

  • The Closing


To make the cover letter for a nurse really effective, end it beautifully right. In here, you have to set an appointment with them so that you can discuss further the chances of getting the job. Always thank the recipient for considering you to match what the company looks for.

For example, you can state “Thank you for considering my application and I hope that my qualifications merit to your consideration”.

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