Au Pair Resume Writing Tips


An au pair is usually a foreign woman applying for a job in a different country. She will live and be part of the household, and payment may include lodging, food, and some allowance for pocket money. When intending to try an opportunity to have this career, here are some au pair resume writing tips to help you come up with an impressive resume that will get you accepted at your desired employer:

  • Enumerate your skills as well as certain personal information relevant to your job post thoroughly. The ones you should definitely not miss include:
    • Driving skills – Indicate how long you have been driving and if you have experience or no experience. A lot of employers prefer au pairs who know how to drive.
    • Health status – It would be best for you to have a medical checkup to back up your claims of having sound health.Au-Pair-Resume-Writing-Tips
    • Hobbies and interests – This helps your potential employer get to know a bit more about you and if you would match the personalities of people in the household.
    • Religious beliefs – If you have certain religious routines that may get in the way of your schedule as an au pair, it would be wise to indicate when you would need time for your religious activities.
    • Indicate if you have special requirements – Indicate if you have certain requests such as a particular day off, time of break for a day, dietary requirements, duties you are not willing to do, duties you will be routinely doing, and the like. Being clear about your requests and limitations can help clear out your agreement with the employer.
    • Include your experiences as a volunteer, teaching aid, a babysitter, or anything that has to do with dealing with children.
    • Mention your special skills such as speaking other languages, playing musical instruments, or other recreational hobbies which you may be able to teach the children of the household.
    • It would be so much better if you have a flexible schedule. Since you will be part of their household, being able to accommodate short notice changes in the schedule would be great. Mention in your resume how your time management skills are so that they will see how much work and tasks you can handle in and out of the home.

Basic Outline You can Use for Writing an Au Pair Resume:


Make use of a personal summary where you mention information about yourself—a little background about interests, skills, and preferences. You can then have a career summary and mention what previous jobs you have held especially if relevant to being an au pair. Indicate what tasks you did there. You can also include your educational background, but keep it brief.

List your key skills and competencies which make you an effective au pair. Make use of bullet points to enumerate your abilities and state them concisely. For references, you may indicate at the bottom that this can be available if requested by your potential employer. Don’t forget to indicate your contact details and make sure all of your entries have been proofread.

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