Are You Nervous About Your First Job Interview? Learn Some Tips


After sending bunch of resumes to a number of companies, you finally secured a seat for a job interview. This is the right time to impress the hiring officer on behalf of the company that you have the skills and abilities to act through the job. You do not have the entire day to wow the interviewer but we are talking about 10 minutes here. So, make the most out of the possible best 10 minutes of your life.

Sitting for a job interview has never been easier especially if it is your first time and even if you have gone through countless interviews in your lifetime so far. The pressure rises as you are mingling with new people, selling yourself, and frequently earning the third degree of the things you know and you don’t. But you have to breathe and relax as there are several job interview tips that can prepare you for an effective interview.

Some Tips for Job Interviews

  • Be Always Ready; Dress Professionally

Out of the job interview tips that you may have read or tried, dressing professionally is the most common yet very effective tip to land the job. Remember that you are creating an impression that will last so start by looking professional. When you walk into an interview, your clothes should be clean and tidy and formal. Never wear shorts, jeans, and worst – flip flops. It is always recommended that you wear a suit as a sign of respect to the job you are applying for. Fix your hair and clean your face and nails. Be ready with a pen and small notebook as well to take down notes.job nterview tips

  • Practice Makes Perfect

Especially that this is your very first job interview, practice answering the typical job interview questions to give you confidence when you sit for the real one. Think ahead what “just right” examples you can utilize to highlight your qualifications. For example, practice how you would respond to the question, “What good can you bring to our company?” or “What are your assets and weaknesses?” or as easy as “Describe yourself”.

  • Research

One strong tip: never go to a job interview unprepared. You must always spend vital time to research about the employer and what the company is all about. Relating all your answers to the benefit of the company is a big tick to considering you for the job. For instance, you should be confident in answering the question, “What is your knowledge about our company?” And the best thing to do that is to research.

  • Arrive Earlier than the Agreed Time

It is a big “X” to be late in a job interview. Take note that you are the one needing them and there are hundreds of others in the line to grab the job from you. So make sure to be as early as at least 15 minutes before the agreed time. This can also give you enough time to look at the mirror and assess how ready you are.

  • Ask Questions


You may think that asking can be a drawback in a job interview. NO! Since it is listed as one of the job interview tips, then it is important. This can give the interviewer a hint of how much interest you put into the job. But of course, ask only relevant questions.

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