Air Traffic Controller Resume Writing Tips


Air traffic controllers are responsible for monitoring and controlling air traffic to provide security to the airplanes and their passengers. Some of their responsibilities include minimizing flight delays and providing pilot instructions during takeoff and landing. They also monitor the aircraft as they go about from one place to another.

The job responsibilities of an air traffic controller are not easy and getting in the job will require certain skills needed. A resume where you can express your skills can help you land a job as an air traffic controller.

The Header Section

This is the part of your resume where you write your name, contact numbers, home and email addresses. Aviation companies will find it appealing if you include a professional photo in your resume. A professional photo can say a lot about you so to include it in your resume is beneficial.

Selected Accomplishments

After writing down your information basics, the next part of the resume is the selected accomplishments. In this section, you will need to list down accomplishments that are vital for an air traffic controller job. Write down relevant accomplishments in bulleted form to highlight accomplishment and for the recruiter to see your potentials. An example of selected accomplishments for air traffic controller would look like this: “Designated Control Tower Operator Observer/Qualifier by Commanding Officer NAS Fallon, NV.” or “Awarded NAS Fallon Civilian, Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year”. Make your accomplishments brief and concise.

Professional Experience

Air Traffic Controller Resume Writing Tips
This is where you write down your professional experiences. This is also the most critical area as recruiters will go over directly to the jobs you have experienced. Write it down starting from the most recent up to the firs job experience. First, you need to write down the position you had, followed by the department in which you belong, and the inclusive dates of the job you held.  In a paragraph or two, write in detail your job responsibilities and make it brief and straight to the point. This way, recruiters will consider your resume if you emphasize the skills you gained from your job experiences.

Education and Trainings

It is important to include in your resume the level of education you attained. The stepping course to becoming an air traffic controller is to attend and pass the Federal Aviation Administration course. That being said should be included in this area of your resume. Write down the degree you achieved including the major course you took and also include the date of graduation. Chronologically list the educational attainment, the most recent being the first to be written down.  For the trainings, you don’t need to write down every trainings and seminars you attended. You only need to include those that are relevant in your application to be an air traffic controller.


Clearance or License

This is an important part of your resume and this is where you write your clearance that will make you qualify for this job. Include your licenses as well as this proofs that you have undergone the necessary training to become an air traffic controller.

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