9 Job Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs


Do you love your job and wish you could keep it until you are ready to retire or at least just ready to move on to another one? If the answer happens to be yes, you should be willing to put in the time and the work to let the bosses know you deserve that job and wish to keep it; you will also want to bear in mind these 9 job mistakes you should avoid that we have compiled for you. Indeed, we have done extensive research to find out what these job mistakes to avoid are and you will do well to at least check them out so you can do your best to avoid them. We trust that you realize the importance of job growth and these mistakes can hinder yours.

Myth 1

So your 20’s are marked by recession and it is tough finding a job but this doesn’t mean you can take a break and not look for a job. We believe that yourn20’s are the time to get moving and make some innovative move. Sure, you may not have the same opportunities as college kids a few years back but it doesn’t mean you cannot do anything.

Myth 2 

Many people think they have to look for the perfect career first but this is not always true. You do not need to know what you want to be before you get a job; it is better to get a job, or different jobs, for that matter and take all your experience to help you decide what you really want to do. It is even okay to take on a more unconventional job that will make interviewers say “tell me more”.

Myth 3

When you are young and just out of college, people will say you are young and you can do whatever you want and be 9 Job Mistakes to Avoid at All Costswhatever you want to be. But this is misleading and entirely untrue; you need to take your skills into consideration and this is when you can decide what you are capable of doing.

Myth 4

Most people regret not taking more career risks or exploring their professional options. It is better to take options while you are young because more companies are willing to take risks with you. This is because everyone is always eager to help out younger employees.

Myth 5

There are so many people who say that finding work that you love won’t make it feel like work but we tell you they are wrong. Work will always feel like work it is just finding one that you like will make it more bearable.

Myth 6

A lot of people like to say that if you do not like your job, quit it but we feel this is too extreme. You need to ask yourself why you do not like the job and if you have an emergency fund or not.

Myth 7 and 8


Myths 7 and 8 are placed together as they are somewhat related. Seven says that if you have a bad boss, just quit and eight says it is bad to job hop. It is fine to stick with a horrible boss as they can help you in the end but it is a good idea to go around and check your options as well.

Myth 9

You are not special and you are not entitled. Your bosses aren’t your parents and teachers and are just interested in how you develop to help them and the business.

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