7 Best Jobs for Millenials


Millenials have definitely shaped the future of professional culture with the number of norms that they have established. Surprisingly, the things that they believe in (although getting quite a few frowns from traditional professional) are slowly being given to them as more and more companies embrace what these millenials believe to be the ideal working environment.

What are Millenials?

Millenials are also known as members of Generation Y, believed to include those who were born between 1982 and 2004. Because members of this generation grew up just as technology and media were evolving, these two became the biggest factors that influenced a lot of their ideals. Jobs for millenials are preferably fun and comfortable and should maximize creativity and interaction. Millenials prefer brainstorming about thoughts and ideas instead of being cooped up in separate cubicles. In fact, majority prefer working in small companies where they can maximize their time working closely with the people around them.

Jobs for Millenials

Because businesses have evolved to cater to the kind of work that this generation prefers, several jobs for millenialshave become available over the recent years. Here are a few jobs for millenialsthat you may want to consider:

  • Social Media Manager. Millenials are the most active creatures in social media, making this the perfect job. Social media managers are responsible for building a strong following for different brands, products, services and people through different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Web Developers. Millenials are perfect as web developers because of their vast technological background. Learning and applying codes used to make websites function would be easier for them than people from other generations.
  • Graphic Design. Because millenials enjoy using their creativity, this is another field where they are most likely to excel. This generation is also good at translating a message into art, something that other generations may have a harder time doing.
  • Events Management. Managing events is very exciting and allows people to apply both their social skills and their creativity. It also allows a lot of flexibility in all aspects of the job, be it the hours, the attire, or the environment.
  • Public Relations. Because millenials enjoy interacting with other people, public relations would be a great way for them to 7 Best Jobs for Millenialsmaximize this skill. They are also in the best position since they are exceptionally good in relating with people of all ages, especially if they are representing something that they believe in.
  • Sales. The outspoken nature of a lot of millenials could definitely be maximized in sales. They are also very aggressive and are able to find creative ways to convince people to change their buying habits or acquire new preferences.
  • Technical Architects. Multitasking is something that millenials are proud of, a skill most needed by technical architects. Technical architects are in charge of overseeing multiple IT projects, coordinating with different teams involved.


With the range of jobs for millenials, you can safely say that the business world has truly embraced the ideals that millenials have set in place, traditional or not.

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