7 Best Job Search Apps


Instead of aimlessly swiping on your phone or playing fun apps, you can use your time productively and explore job apps instead. Job search apps can help you look for the job opportunity you need to have a good career. If you are a first-time job hunter or you simply want to shift careers, the convenience that these job apps offer will give you that little push you need to see which career might be the right one for you. Check these out:

  1. Monster – Monster has a very useful website which offers tips and tricks for career needs. They also have an application which gives you access to the job opportunities which would show you the latest job postings as soon as they are posted. You can even use your phone to send your application through their app.
  2. JobCompass – Looking for a way to find jobs nearby? JobCompass will show you the places which have vacancies. You can set the app to 5, 10, 25, or even 50 miles from your location. If you want a local job or prefer to find a job at a specific area, you can use this application to see where there might be opportunities for you.
  3. Evernote – Some job apps like Evernote allows you to be a more organized professional by being reminded of what you need to prepare. It also allows you to save and access files you need from your phone or device should you ever need to present it to your interviewer in a more accessible manner.
  4. LinkedIn – You must not forget how valuable LinkdIn is when it comes 7 Best Job Search Appsto having a presentable and professional profile online. A lot of employers nowadays make use of online searches for background investigations and having a LinkdIn profile which is updated to show your credentials can help you out. You can also use this as your chance to get in touch with the people from the same niche and give you opportunities to be hired by other interested employers as well.
  5. CardMunch – Powered by LinkdIn, this app allows you to manage what contact information you get from individuals who hand you their business cards. Simply take a picture of the card you have and the application will do the rest for you. You need not worry about losing business cards and contacts by allowing job apps like this to organize them!
  6. Hidden Jobs – You can use Hidden Jobs to help you find job openings which are not posted online. Expand your horizons by knowing about more opportunities and not limiting yourself to only those which you can see when you make online searches. Hidden Jobs allows you to see those which have made press releases, job posts from newspapers, and other non-mainstream listings which may be of interest to you.
  7. Refresh – Before you go to an interview, you can search for more information about the company you will be talking to or perhaps the business associate you will be meeting by using Refresh. You can use the dossiers Refresh offers to learn more about people and organizations. It is still being developed but the beta version is available for iPhones.


Be a techier professional by trying out these job apps to help you with your career!

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