6 Tips on How to Look Good Without Bragging on Your Resume


Your resume is something that should create a great impression the moment a hiring manager goes through it. This is why it is only normal for people to put their best foot forward when creating their resume. Sometimes however, the line between being proud and being a braggart becomes so thin that people have the tendency to cross it. And once that line is crossed, you could lose the opportunity of a lifetime.

Here are a few tips on how to make yourself look good in a resume without sounding like you’re merely bragging:

  • It’s all about vocabulary. Your choice of words has a great overall effect on your resume. 6 Tips on How to Look Good Without Bragging on Your ResumeReplacing overused words with more powerful ones would be a great way to make your resume sound better than the others. It’s also best if you use terms that are used exclusively for the field you are in. This shows that you know your way around the industry.
  • Back up your claims. Don’t just say that you’re an achiever. Claiming to be one is easy, but showing how you became one is what gets you the job. If you describe yourself to have exceptional selling skills for example, immediately describe targets you were given in the past and percentages on how much you have exceeded them.
  • Keep everything relevant. Make sure you avoid adding “fluff” to your resume. Always check to see if all experiences, skills and trainings you include are relevant to the job you are applying for. Additional information that may show past achievements but would only prove to be unrelated to the role will only deduct quality points no matter how amazing you believe them to be.
  • Appearance is everything. Saying that you have a great background and a vast range of skills will not matter if your resume looks like a mess. Putting your best foot forward does not only mean that your content should be amazing; it also involves taking care of how you present the content. Use proper formatting and maximize bullet points to make your resume easier to read and review.
  • Keep it updated. You may have had amazing feats a few years ago, but hiring managers would be interested in more recent achievements than older ones. Because of this, make it a point to always submit your most updated resume. Proper resume formatting would require you to put your most recent experiences first, before moving on to past ones.
  • Highlight skills relevant to the industry. Choose the skills you list down, making sure that all of them are relevant to the post you are aiming for. Avoid using general descriptions. Make everything specific.


These six tips should help you master how to make yourself look good in a resume more effectively without coming across as being a braggart. Keep it simple and stay honest. These are the best ways to present yourself as the best candidate for the job and take a few steps closer towards your career goals.

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