6 Part Time Jobs that Pay Really Well


You may not have a lot of time to take on a full-time job because of other responsibilities that you have to worry about. There could also be chances where you already have an existing job but would still need another one to make ends meet. Either way, there are a lot of part time jobs that you can try that would actually pay you good money. Here are a few of them:

  • Tutor – Whether you teach your students in person or online, being a tutor actually pays pretty well. It allows you to set flexible working hours, depending on what time your schedule would match that of your students. With personal tutors charging an average of around $30 per hour, it actually is a pretty good source of income considering the opportunities that you have for adjustment.
  • Travel Agent – A travel agent usually works on a commission basis which means that you could adjust your income depending on the amount of work that you put in. Although a lot of travel agents work full-time, part-time agents are also allowed. This would be perfect for you if you have a wide network that you could tap into to generate more bookings, helping you to earn more without necessarily putting in too much time on the job.
  • Hairstylist – Regardless if you work at home or from a salon, you have the chance to set your own hours as a hairstylist. A hairstylist’s rate per hour is actually beyond minimum wage, but it’s the amount of tips that you get that could actually boost your income to a new level. Especially once you’ve established your own following and customers start asking for you as their preferred stylist, it’s a definite sign that your earning potential could be stretched a lot higher.
  • Makeup Artist – Basically, makeup artists work the same way as hairstylists. As a makeup artist, you could also go after different events where makeup artistry is needed and offer packages for an entire entourage to a wedding for example, or for an entire model lineup for a fashion shoot. Being a makeup artist allows you to work at a schedule convenient for you, and promises tips as well.6 Part Time Jobs that Pay Really Well
  • Bartender – Yes, bartenders earn low hourly wages. But wait until you see just how much a
    bartender earns on tips, especially on a good night. With the amount of people going out every night, the bartender is always one of the most important people they would never forget to give a tip to.
  • Psychologist – Did you know that psychologists are among the highest paid professionals in the world? The profession also allows you to work flexible hours, letting you accept patients only when it’s convenient for you.


These six professions require different kinds of training, but it will all be worth it if you plan to pursue your goal of working part time jobs that pay well. These part time jobs will give you all the flexibility that you want while allowing you to earn the amount that you need.

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