6 Important Administrative Assistant Skills


Anybody who says that the job of an administrative assistant is easy has probably never experienced being one. Being an administrative assistant is probably one of the most challenging jobs you can handle, with a long list of tasks and responsibilities that you would have to worry about on a daily basis. If you think you’re up for the challenge, here a list of administrative assistant skills that you can use as a checklist:

Communication Skills

If there’s one thing that you would be doing a lot, it’s talking to people. You’re right in the middle of everything, coordinating with 6 Important Administrative Assistant Skillsdifferent departments and talking to different levels. Most of the time, the information you pass around are crucial to the business, making you a critical part of everybody’s workflow. Do take note that this applies both to written and oral correspondence. Excellent communication skills is then required, especially if you will be working in a big organization.

Organizational Skills

You would have to multitask and learn how to juggle all the tasks at hand. Remember that your schedule also affects everybody’s schedule, which means that any glitches on your side will automatically affect everybody else. You have to be excellent in organizing and should be able to seamlessly complete tasks without overlooking anything, no matter how swamped you might be.

People Skills

This is probably one of the most important of all the administrative assistant skills. Because you have to coordinate with a lot of people, you need to have the innate skill of being able to get along with people without being too soft. You also have to be able to adjust depending on who you’re talking to, which is something that can be quite of a challenge for some.

Document Management

You will be in charge of handling important documents, which means you cannot afford to be scatterbrained when it comes to filing. You must have the ability to create your own documentation system that would prove to be efficient for everybody. You should know where and how to find everything and should be ready to pull out any piece of document anytime it is needed.


When there is an overflow of tasks, it is often hard to determine which ones should go first. A good administrative assistant knows how to rank tasks according to the degree of importance, which means that the crucial ones will always be done first. This way, there will always be time to correct any mistakes or adjust anything that needs to be changed.


Because you are in the middle of it all, you will always have the chance to observe what things are being missed out on. Make sure you do not pass these off as things that are not part of your job. The moment you see something amiss, you have to be able to act on it right away. Staying on top of things all the time would ensure a more fluid workflow between you and your colleagues.


These are just five of the many administrative assistant skills that you need to have to be successful in the field. Find ways to develop these skills first and foremost and see if you can handle the job well. Remember that with a job as critical as this, missing out on one of these skills could make a whole lot of difference.

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