6 Best-paying Jobs in the US


Being in the know about the best-paying US jobs may mean your long-term satisfaction when it comes to having a stable career. Each year, there are different trends when it comes to which jobs are considered the best, but more often than not and despite these changes, these jobs remain on the top spot of hot US jobs.

When you are applying for your next job position, consider the following jobs and see if your resume can lead you to your career fulfillment in the following fields.

Best US Jobs with High Salaries

  • CEO positions – Needless to say, the title itself means having a great salary. But you needn’t always own the company to be CEO. You can rise from the ladder and work your way up until you get there. Your wages may vary, but you can be certain it’s along the 6-digit area.
  • Industrial Organizational Psychologist – If you ever thought your degree 6 Best-paying Jobs in the USin psychology is useless or won’t pay well unless you have your own office, you thought wrong. With an annual mean wage of $124,160, your training time of about 8 years will be compensated once you begin practicing.
  • Computer and Informations Systems Managers – With only about 4 years of training, you can get an annual median wage of over $120,000 when you land a job position as a Computer and Informations Systems Managers. A lot of businesses now run on computer technology and to help them with whatever they need, they naturally call the IT department.
  • Marketing Manager – Working in various industries, you can use your degree in marketing, advertising, or business administration to apply for a position as a marketing manager. Sell yourself by having a marketing-related portfolio and enumerate the experiences you have on your resume. This can help you gain your employer’s trust and admiration.
  • Dentists and Orthodontists – Those pearly white smiles and teeth worthy of being magazine covers don’t come at a small price and dentists who get paid for their professional services know all about it. With salaries which can reach up to $200,000, your 8 years of training time and education will be well compensated. You can choose to have your own clinic or perhaps work at an established medical institution in your area.
  • Doctors and Surgeons – Another obviously lucrative career in the field of medicine, being a doctor or surgeon and being able to provide medical assistance to those who are in need of it. Although it takes a lot of training to be a successful doctor, the fulfillment of being in a high-paying career that you love will be worth it.

Considerations When Applying for High-Paying US Jobs


You should have a highly-competitive resume when you decide to apply for any of these jobs. Match it with a portfolio and your supporting documents to give your application a stronger background.

Only apply for these very competitive US jobs when you know you have the training and dedication for it. Not only are these jobs high-paying, they can also be demanding! This is why you need to have your mind, heart, and body ready for this new step for career advancement.

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