5 Worst Ways to Ruin an Interview


There are things you ought to remember during a job interview such as your possible answers for interview questions, how you should dress up, and how you should conduct yourself professionally. While you are preparing yourself for the things you should remember, you must also be aware of interview blunders. These include behavioral matters, some sensitive answers for interview questions, and other possibly offensive behavior which may cost you that job!

Watch out for these 5 ways which can ruin your interview: 5 Worst Ways to Ruin an Interview

  1. Arriving late – This is one of the biggest turn offs you can do. You aren’t even on the job yet and showing up late will mess up your chances of being accepted. There is no excuse for being late, save perhaps life and death situations or emergencies. Avoid this by preparing to be at the place of the interview one to two hours earlier. Being late for your interview sends a message that you will not be reliable enough when you finally get the job.
  2. Answering questions negatively – One of the worst ways to blow your chances would be to have negatively-toned answers. Answers for interview questions should never be negative. This can happen several ways. One would be answering in a clipped tone which you can counter by trying to relax and smile. Another way would be to speak badly about your previous employer if you are asked why you had to leave—if you do this, you will give them the feeling that you will do the same to them when you leave them.
  3. Taking a phone call in the middle of an interview – This is probably one of the rudest things you can do in a job interview. Avoid this by turning your phone off in advance before entering the room. When you take a call during an interview, not only does it disrupt the flow of the conversation, but it may also get on the nerves of your interviewer.
  4. Not giving specific or straight-to-the-point answers – When you are being interviewed, you will impress your employer by not beating around the bush. Pay attention to the kind of question you are being asked and answer it the way you should. Do not reason if not necessary for “Yes” or “No” questions or enumerate things you have already done for “How are you going to…” questions. Address questions directly. You can also avoid talking too much—if you’ve been talking for about 2 minutes straight, it’s also time you give your interviewer a chance to speak.
  5. Saying you do not have any weakness – Everybody has a flaw, and being brave enough to admit this even in an interview will show your humility and the fact that if anything ever goes wrong while you are an employee, you will be honest about your mistakes.


Be mindful of your behavior and how you choose to answer questions in a job interview because the future of your career will depend on it. Your interview day will play a big part on how your employer sees you as an asset, so do your best to avoid these instances to avoid ruining it!

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