5 Things to Remember When Doing a Long Distance Job Search


Sometimes, looking for a job within your area of expertise would also mean leaving your comfort zone and exploring what other places have to offer. But if looking for a job locally is challenging enough, wouldn’t a long distance job search be even harder? Here are a few things to remember to make your long distance job search less difficult:

  1. Start by looking for locations that would be ideal to move into. Never settle for any location just because you find an opening there. You may end up hating the place, causing you to regret your decision. Do some research and find places that have what you need. If you are a gym buff for example, find out if your chosen areas have decent places where you can work out. The cost of living in the area is also something that you have to consider. You may end up getting too excited about a high job offer and end up broke because everything around you is expensive.
  2. Always inform potential employers that you are not from the area and would have to relocate if considered for the job. This way, they would at least give you some lead time to prepare in case you get hired. Be open in telling them that you are already exploring options on apartments and houses and would be visiting the area during a specific period. This could help them schedule the interview more efficiently without worrying about your costs.5 Things to Remember When Doing a Long Distance Job Search
  3. Be prepared to move first before actually getting a job. Especially if the field you specialize in is common, potential employers would always consider locals before sending someone in from somewhere else. If you feel that despite the competition, you would still be able to excel in the area you have chosen, then make the move, by all means.
  4. Your professional network will always be a big help when it comes to a job search, and this fact does not change in a long distance scenario. Find people you know in places you are considering and ask for their opinion on how wise your choice is. These people could then introduce you around and vouch for you when the need arises.
  5. Be ready to make a few visits before actually moving in. A job search, especially a long distance one, is a form of investment of your part especially if you are looking at taking professional growth to the next level. Therefore, you should also be willing to invest time, money and effort on it. Popping into the area every so often would help you meet people and get familiar with the entire location.


These five tips are sure to help you once you start with your long distance job search. Just remember that strategy is everything and planning ahead will definitely help you make the adjustment easier and hassle-free once you find a job. The job search in itself is already a challenge, so do yourself a favor and make the move a lot easier.

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